How old is Cleetus McFarland?

27 years (April 5, 1995)
Cleetus McFarland / Age

Where is Cleetus McFarland from?

Omaha, Nebraska, United States
Cleetus McFarland / Place of birth

Who is Cleetus McFarland GF?

Cleetus McFarland on Instagram: “Happy birthday to my most beautiful girlfriend @Kay_caputo! Love you ❤️️😎🇺🇸 #kaylafromyoutube”

How much does Garrett Mitchell make a year?


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How much did cleetus pay for the Freedom Factory?

The Freedom Factory is likely worth $1.5 million.

I estimate this considering that he paid a little under $1 million for it and has made significant improvements to it since then.

Does cleetus own motion Raceworks?

Cleetus McFarland (Garrett Mitchell) has purchased a 20% stake in MotionRaceworks.

What does Cooper bogetti do for a living?

J Cooper Bogetti – Social Media Manager – Self-employed | LinkedIn.

Is Garrett Mitchell married?

In 2021, Mitchell married professional softball player Haley Cruse.

What minor league team does Garrett Mitchell play for?

Milwaukee Brewers
Garrett Mitchell / Current team (#5 / Left fielder)

The Milwaukee Brewers are an American professional baseball team based in Milwaukee. They compete in Major League Baseball as a member club of the National League Central division. The Brewers are named for the city’s association with the brewing industry.


Is Garrett Mitchell diabetic?

Mitchell was diagnosed with diabetes as a child

‘ I was trying to crawl to the bathroom. “I ended up going to the ER, had a blood sugar over 600. So, right after the broken hand was going back to normal life, I was diabetic. It’s weird how that happens.

Is Garrett Mitchell Good?

Mitchell is actually ranked fifth by, behind two of his outfield teammates at Nashville and ahead of another outfielder who also could have gotten the call. Sal Frelick, the No. 2 prospect in those same rankings, has been eviscerating Class AAA to the tune of a . 402 batting average and .

Is cleetus McFarland a Nascar driver?

Garrett Mitchell (born April 5, 1995), otherwise known by his persona Cleetus McFarland, is an American racing driver, car enthusiast, and YouTube content creator.

Cleetus McFarland
Full name Garrett Mitchell
Born April 5, 1995 Omaha, Nebraska
Stadium Super Trucks career
Debut season 2022