How old is Dana Blumberg?

Robert Kraft has married for the second time as of October 2022. Robert Kraft’s wife is Dr. Dana Blumberg, age 48.

What kind of doctor is Dana Blumberg?

So who is Robert Kraft’s wife? From her background as an ophthalmologist to her relationship with the NFL team owner, here’s everything to know about Dr. Dana Blumberg.

How old is Krafts fiance?

81-year-old New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft proved age is just a number this weekend by marrying his 47-year-old fiancee, Dana Blumberg.

How old is Robert Kraft wife?

Myra Kraft
Died July 20, 2011 (aged 68) Brookline, Massachusetts
Alma mater Brandeis University (B.A., History, 1964)
Spouse(s) Robert Kraft (1963–2011; her death)
Children 4 sons (including Jonathan)

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Is Myra Kraft still alive?

Myra Kraft / Date of death

How did Robert Kraft and Dana Blumberg meet?

Kraft, 81, and Blumberg, 47, a New York-based ophthalmology specialist, got to know each other at Olde Heritage Tavern five years ago, the restaurant posted on social media.

What does Dana Blumberg do?

The bride: Kraft’s newlywed wife, Dr. Dana Blumberg, is an ophthalmologist who was recognized as one of New York Magazine’s Top Doctors of 2021 and 2022. She is affiliated with New York-Presbyterian/Columbia University Irving Medical Center, according to a biography posted to the Castle Connolly medical website.

Was Dr Dana Blumberg ever married?

NEW YORK – New England Patriots team owner Robert Kraft and his partner Dr. Dana Blumberg married in a star-studded surprise wedding event in New York City on Friday night. The A-list guest list included the likes of former Patriots stars Tom Brady Drew Bledsoe, Randy Moss, Ty Law, Vince Wilfork.

Who is Kraft’s wife?

Robert Kraft/Wife

Where did Robert Kraft get his money?

Robert Kraft bought the New England Patriots for $172 million in 1994; the team is now worth about $6 billion and has won six Super Bowl rings. Kraft, who sold newspapers outside the old Braves Stadium in Boston as a kid, made an early fortune in paper and packaging.

What is the net worth of Robert Kraft?

10.6 billion USD (2022)
Robert Kraft / Net worth

Who was at Bob Krafts wedding?

Quarterback Tom Brady was among the former Patriots players in attendance. He was joined by Drew Bledsoe, Randy Moss, Andre Tippett, Vince Wilfork, Richard Seymour, Ty Law, Jerod Mayo and Troy Brown. Current Patriots players Devin McCourty, Matthew Slater and David Andrews were also in attendance.