How old is Don Frye fighter?

“The Predator”
AGE 57 / Nov 23, 1965
HEIGHT 6’1″ / 185.42 cm
WEIGHT 210 lbs / 95.25 kg

How tall was Don Fry?

1.85 m
Don Frye / Height

How old is Ken Shamrock?

58 years (February 11, 1964)
Ken Shamrock / Age

What happened to Don Frye fighter?

Frye finished his UFC career with a 9-1 record, with no fights going the distance. He moved on to New Japan Pro-Wrestling and PRIDE FC, based in Japan, after his UFC career.

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What movies was Don Frye in?

Don Frye/Appears in

Why did Don Frye have back surgery?

Speaking to The Hannibal TV from his hospital bedside, Frye disclosed that he broke the rods in his back, and was forced to undergo surgery. According to Frye, he thanked the medical care he had, specifically the doctors that diagnosed the problem quickly that led him to getting the surgery.

Who defeated Don Frye?

Don Frye Record: 20-9-1 (1 NC)
W/L Fighter Method
loss Don Frye Gary Goodridge KO/TKO Kick
loss Don Frye Mark Coleman U-DEC
loss Don Frye Hidehiko Yoshida SUB Armbar
win Don Frye Yoshihiro Takayama KO/TKO Punches

Was Don Frye a firefighter?

A former pro boxer and a licensed firefighter, Don Frye made an impressive professional fight debut by knocking out 6’1″, 410 pound Thomas Ramirez in 8 seconds. Frye captured his first Ultimate Fighting Championship on Feb. 16, 1996 defeating Ramirez and two other opponents.

Is Don Frye rich?

Don Frye is an American former professional mixed martial artist, kickboxer. boxer, wrestler, and actor who has a net worth of $2 million.

What happened to Takayama fighter?

Through his career Takayama had several career-threatening injuries, including a stroke after a match against Kensuke Sasaki in 2004. Takayama’s career ended with a spinal cord injury in May 2017, which left him paralyzed from the shoulders down.

Is Mike Haggar based on Don Frye?

Additionally, Haggar may have been modeled after real-life former wrestler Don Frye, who in turn would years later portray Haggar in The Broken Gear: A Final Fight film, the fan-made film prequel to the original Final Fight.

Who is Don Frye married to?

Mollie Frye
Don Frye / Spouse