How old is Dylan Arnold?

28 years (February 11, 1994)
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What is Victoria Pedretti doing next?

Deadline reports that Pedretti will next lead the cast of Hulu’s Saint X. Saint X is an upcoming eight-part series from writer Leila Gerstein and director Dee Rees. Based on the novel of the same name by Alexis Schaitkin, Saint X is a psychological drama that attempts to upend the “missing girl” genre.

What is the age difference between Theo and Love?

From the outset, it is clear Theo is significantly younger than Love and towards the end of the season, it is revealed he is 19-years-old. Unfortunately, Love’s exact age has never been revealed in YOU, however, in the book Hidden Bodies which serves as the show’s inspiration, Love is 35-years-old.

Where did Dylan Arnold go to high school?

University of North Carolina School of the Arts
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The University of North Carolina School of the Arts is an arts school in Winston-Salem, North Carolina. It grants high school, undergraduate, and graduate degrees. Founded in 1963 as the North Carolina School of the Arts by then-Governor Terry Sanford, it was the first public arts conservatory in the United States.


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Does Dylan Arnold have a cleft palate?

Ms. Arnold took her son to New York-Presbyterian/Weill Cornell Medical Center, where she was told that he had a submucous cleft palate, and then to the Children’s Hospital at Montefiore, where, in February 2005, doctors performed surgery to close the hole in the roof of his mouth.

How old is Theo in the show You?

How old is Theo in You series 3? Theo plays Joe and Love’s neighbour Matthew Engler’s son, and the step-son of Natalie, the neighbour Joe has a momentary fling with, and his age is actually confirmed in the show – he’s 19 years old.

Who was Dylan Arnold in Nashville?

Dylan Arnold is an American actor who portrayed Twig Wysecki on Nashville.

Who is whip on SWAT?

S.W.A.T. (TV Series 2017– ) – Dylan Arnold as Whip – IMDb.

What has Dylan Arnold been in?

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How old is Dylan Obrien?

31 years (August 26, 1991)
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How did Dylan O’Brien get Stiles?

O’Brien’s acting break came when he landed one of the main roles in MTV’s Teen Wolf, a series loosely based on the 1985 film. He was intended to play Scott, but after reading the script, he wanted to audition for the part of Stiles instead. After four auditions, he was cast, and started playing the role in 2010.

Does Dylan O’Brien have a twin?

Their honorary twin status goes beyond the fact that Julia is a mere 16 months older than the Teen Wolf actor.