How old is Dylan O Brien?

31 years (August 26, 1991)
Dylan O’Brien / Age

What is Dylan O Brien’s Instagram?

Dylan O’Brien (@imdylanobrien) • Instagram photos and videos.

How did Dylan O Brien become an actor?

American actor Dylan O’Brien began his showbiz journey through Youtube short films and web series at the age of 14, and subsequently made his television debut with a central role in the popular series Teen Wolf. In the same year, he made his feature film debut with the improvised comedy movie High Road (2011).

What does Dylan O Brien’s sister do?

Julia O’Brien
Dylan O’Brien / Sister

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Does O’Brien have a child?

O’Brien and Powel have a daughter, Neve (born 2003) and a son, Beckett (born 2005).

Who is Dylan O Brien’s famous cousin?

“Miguel .. it’s my cousin Miguel from Mexico

dylanobrienis ✨.

What is Dylan O Brien’s most famous role?

His first major role was Stiles Stilinski on the MTV supernatural drama Teen Wolf (2011–2017), where he was a series regular during all six seasons. He achieved further prominence for his lead role of Thomas in the Maze Runner science fiction film trilogy (2014–2018), which led to more film appearances.

How old is Dylan O Brien in all too well?

Wondering why 19-year-old Sadie and 30-year-old Dylan were cast opposite each other in the short film? Well, fans believe it could be a nod to Taylor’s relationship with Jake Gyllenhaal.

What is Dylan O Brien’s most popular movie?

The Maze Runner might be O’Brien’s biggest movie role so far, giving him the opportunity to headline a franchise and exposing him to a worldwide audience in the process, but it’s hard to argue that his first outing as Thomas counts as his most exciting performance.

Does Dylan O Brien have siblings?

Julia O’Brien
Dylan O’Brien / Siblings

How old is Julia O Brien?

32 years (April 17, 1990)
Julia O’Brien / Age

Who is Dylan O Brien’s family?

Dylan O’Brien/Family