How old is Erica in season 4 of Stranger Things?

Erica was revealed to be 10 years old in Stranger Things season 3, which means she was 11 in the fourth season. Erica’s actress Priah Ferguson was 15 when Stranger Things season 4 came out, which is a pretty big difference when portraying an elementary-school-age character.

Will Erica be in Stranger Things 4?

By Stranger Things season 4, Dustin and Mike are confident enough in her abilities to call her in to assist in Eddie’s D&D campaign with Hellfire Club to temporarily replace Lucas. Incorrectly assuming Erica must be a level 1, Eddie initially resists her initiation into the club.

How old is 11 at the start of Stranger Things?

How old are the Stranger Things cast and characters in season 1? When we first meet Eleven in season one, she is 12 years old (we think). Given the mystery surrounding her throughout the series, she’s one of the characters we know the least about, but she’s roughly the same age as Mike.

How old is Erica now from Stranger Things?

While she’s playing an 11-year-old, the actress behind the fan-favorite character is a few years older. Priah Ferguson is actually a teen herself at 15 years old.

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Who is Lucas sister?

Episodes. Erica Sinclair, portrayed by Priah Ferguson, is a main character in Stranger Things, being introduced in the second season as a recurring role before being promoted to the main cast from the third season onward. She is the younger sister of Lucas Sinclair.

Is Stranger Things appropriate for a 10 year old?

Stranger Things 4 is rated TV-14 for horror elements and language which means some content may not be suitable for kids under 17.

How old is Erica from Stranger Things in 2022?

Priah Ferguson (born October 1, 2006) is 15 years old.

How much younger is Erica than Lucas?

Joe Keery: Joe Keery is 30 to his character, Steve Harrington’s, 19. Priah Ferguson: Ferguson plays Erica Sinclair, Lucas’ 11-year-old younger sister. Ferguson is 15 in real life. Joseph Quinn: Quinn is a newcomer to “Stranger Things,” and at 29, is a decade older than many of his castmates.

What grade is Erica Sinclair in season 4?

As of Season 4, Erica graduated from grade school into middle school.

How old is Dustin season 4?

Gaten Matarazzo (age 19) as Dustin Henderson (age 15 in Season 4)

How tall is Nancy Wheeler?

Natalia Dyer, who plays the role of Nancy Wheeler on Stranger Things, is 5 feet 4 inches tall.

Is Zendaya in Stranger Things?

As much as we wanted to see the incredibly talented actress join the Stranger Things cast in the 5th and last season, it’s simply not happening. Unfortunately, Zendaya won’t show up in the 5th season.