How old is Graham Weston?

58 years (March 4, 1964)
Graham Weston / Age

Who founded Rackspace?

Rackspace Technology/Founders

Is Rackspace owned by Amazon?

Rackspace sold itself in 2016 for $4.3 billion to Apollo Global Management, which took the company private before reentering the public market in 2020.

What is Rackspace known for?

Today, Rackspace Technology is a leading provider of expertise and managed services across all the major public and private cloud technologies.

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What happened to Rackspace in San Antonio?

The clould computing services company, which employees some 6,600 people, confirmed on Tuesday, December 6, that the company fell prey to a ransomware attack.

Is Rackspace a good place to work?

Rackspace Technology has an overall rating of 3.7 out of 5, based on over 3,164 reviews left anonymously by employees. 65% of employees would recommend working at Rackspace Technology to a friend and 54% have a positive outlook for the business. This rating has improved by 3% over the last 12 months.

How is it to work at Rackspace?

Overall, 63% of employees would recommend working at Rackspace Technology to a friend. This is based on 3,005 anonymously submitted reviews on Glassdoor. How do job seekers rate their interview experience at Rackspace Technology? 60% of job seekers rate their interview experience at Rackspace Technology as positive.

When was Rackspace founded?

Rackspace was launched in October 1998 with Richard Yoo as its CEO. Although most hosting companies focused on the technology end of hosting, Rackspace created its “Fanatical Support” offering to focus on service and support.

Who owns Rackspace Technologies?

Rackspace was bought out by Apollo for $4.3B on Aug 26, 2016 .

Is Rackspace going out of business?

Rackspace Technology to exit Windcrest and relocate company headquarters. The company has set its sights on a much smaller home — though not too far away — after shifting its workplace strategy amid the pandemic. In 2023, Rackspace Technologies will end its 14-year run in nearby Windcrest.

When did Apollo buy Rackspace?

Rackspace had been exploring an IPO for the last two years, but its weak organic growth and large debt due to its $4.3 billion leveraged buyout by Apollo in 2016 and subsequent acquisitions had stopped it from pursuing an IPO earlier.

Does Apollo still own Rackspace?

Rackspace Technology Inc. RXT, -2.18% on Monday named chief financial officer Amar Maletira as chief executive officer of the company, which is majority owned by Apollo Global Management Inc.