How old is Hailie Eminem daughter?

26 years (December 25, 1995)
Hailie Jade / Age

Is Hailie Mathers Eminem’s biological daughter?

Hailie, 26, is Eminem’s biological daughter with Kim Scott. Eminem has called her his “proudest achievement” and expressed his pride after graduating with a psychology degree from Michigan State University.

Is Eminem’s daughter rich?

She has already amassed an estimated net worth on her own of $2 million, according to Her legendary rapper dad is worth $230 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth, but Hailie is forging her own path in life.

What happened to Eminem’s second daughter?

Stevie was born in 2002 to Kim and her tattoo artist ex-partner, Eric Hartter, but Eminem has full custody of the teenager due to their biological father’s drug and legal issues. Not much is known about them, other than they’re 19 and occasionally appear in Alaina’s Instagram photos.

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What did MGK say about Eminem daughter?

The feud began back in 2012 when Kelly tweeted about seeing a photo of Eminem’s teenage daughter Hailie. “I have to say, she is hot as f***, in the most respectful way possible cuz Em is king,” he tweeted. It wasn’t until six years later that Eminem responded on the song “Not Alike” from the album Kamikaze.

Who is Eminem’s partner now?


How many kids did Eminem adopt?

Eminem is a proud father of three. He has a biological daughter named Hailie Jade Mathers, and two adopted kids named Alaina Mathers and Whitney Scott Mathers. Hailie, now 25, was born Eminem and his ex-wife, Kimberly Anne Scott, in 1995.

Does Eminem have a relationship with his daughter?

Eminem and His Daughter Hailie Have an Extremely Close Bond — and His Quotes About Her Are Making Us “This moment. This life,” she wrote via Instagram that day, featuring a photo of Matt proposing to her.

Are Eminem and Kim still together?

Eminem and Kim tied a knot in 1999 and lived like a happy family for some time. Sadly, they started finding themselves in some rocky waters. Their marriage ended two years later, but they didn’t part ways.

Is 8th mile a true story?

The film, which contains autobiographical elements from Eminem’s life, follows white rapper Jimmy Smith Jr. aka B-Rabbit (Eminem) and his attempt to launch a career in hip hop, a music genre dominated by African Americans.

Why is Eminem called Eminem?

Eminem’s stage name comes from his real name

When he first started rapping with his high-school friend Mike Ruby, the duo adopted the names “Manix” and “M&M.” Eminem chose his name from his initials, but eventually changed it to what we know today.

Is Eminem right or left handed?

Eminem. The Real Slim Shady may be underhanded, but Marshall Mathers is left-handed.