How old is Halil Ibrahim?

40 years (December 13, 1982)
Halil İbrahim Ceyhan / Age

Where is Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan from?

Sivas, Türkiye
Halil İbrahim Ceyhan / Place of birth

Sivas is a city in central Turkey and the seat of Sivas Province.
The city, which lies at an elevation of 1,278 metres in the broad valley of the Kızılırmak river, is a moderately-sized trade centre and industrial city, although the economy has traditionally been based on agriculture.


When was Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan born?

Biography: Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan was born in 13 December 1982 in Sivas. In 2007, he was awarded as “Promising Male Model” at the competition of Best Model of Turkey. After then, he started his music career and worked with Suat Aydogan. He launched his first music single named Kaybettim (literally I Lost) in 2007.

How old is Sila Turkoglu?

23 years (April 18, 1999)
Sıla Türkoğlu / Age

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Who is Halil Ibrahim in Cukur?

He is the deceased father of Cumali Koçovalı Sr and İdris Koçovalı.

Is Sena pregnant in Çukur?

#ÇUKUR SECOND E51. Yamaç cries when Sena confesses that she is. pregnant.

Is Çukur a real neighborhood?

“Cukur” (“The Pit”) centres on a fictional Istanbul neighbourhood of the same name where godfather Idris Kocovali leads his family clan in the fight against drugs and rival mafia bosses. Despite that “Cukur” is a poor and dangerous neighbourhood, it is a place where family honour and neighbourliness are important.

Who is azar in Çukur?

Cihangir Ceyhan: Azer Kurtulus.

Who kills Karaca Çukur?

She was mentioned in the Season 4 Episode 39 when Cumali Sr said that “I killed Karaca, whose name is the same as my sister’s name”. She was killed, along with her mother and sister, by an enemy of Koçovalıs.

Is Çukur based on a true story?

The story of Cukur – ostensibly based on a once real Mafia family – has moved into today as easily as giving all the characters modern mobile telephones. Modernity has arrived in a technical sense, but the family hierarchy has remained as traditionally structured as per the legend of this Istanbul family.

Who is Kulkan in Çukur?

Genco Ozak: Kulkan Erdenet.

What was the secret in Çukur?

However, in Season 4, Episode 33, Emmi reveals the secret. The secret is that, contrary to popular belief, Cumali Koçovalı Sr miraculously survived in 1971. During this time, a fake headstone was made for him. But ironically, this secret had already been revealed before he revealed it.