How old is Isabel May?

21 years (November 21, 2000)
Isabel May / Age

How old is Isabel Oli?

41 years (October 20, 1981)
Isabel Oli / Age

How old is Isabel Lucas?

37 years (January 29, 1985)
Isabel Lucas / Age

Is Isabel Oli Chinese?

Isabel is the youngest of seven children of Filipino father of Chinese descent and a Filipina mother of Spanish descent.

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Where is Isabel Oli from?

Cebu City, Philippines
Isabel Oli / Place of birth

How tall is John Prats?

1.66 m
John Prats / Height

How do you spell Isabel in Chinese?

伊莎贝尔(女子名) [yī shā bèi ěr ( nǘ zǐ mínɡ )] {pr. n.}

Who is John Prats wife?

Isabel Oli
John Prats / Wife (m. 2015)

How old is John Prats?

38 years (February 14, 1984)
John Prats / Age

What are the names of John Prats children?

Lilly Feather D. Prats
John Prats / Children

Who is the father of Camille Prats?

Camille Prats is the second child of Daniel Rafael and Alma (née Quiambao) Prats, the latter of whom is from Pampanga. She is also the niece of former actress Mia Prats. She has a sister and three brothers, one of whom is fellow actor John Prats.

What is the age of Camille Prats?

37 years (June 20, 1985)
Camille Prats / Age