How old is Jeremy Isaiah Earl?

41 years (May 11, 1981)
Jeremy Isaiah Earl / Age

Who plays Gamble on Chicago PD?

Jeremy Isaiah Earl is known for Markham Tactical (2015), The P.I Chronicles: Constance Murphy (2016)

Does Molly’s exist in Chicago?

Chicago Fire filming locations

Molly’s Pub: The preferred hang-out of the Firehouse 51 crew is a real bar in Chicago’s Bucktown neighborhood. Molly’s has been a fixture on the series since season one, and those scenes were originally shot inside Lottie’s Pub at 1924 W. Cortland St.

Who owns Molly’s bar on Chicago Fire?

Molly’s (previously known as the Walcott Street Pub or The Bomdardier Lounge) is a bar owned by Christopher Herrmann, Mouch and Trudy Platt, and previously by Otis, Gabriela Dawson and Leslie Shay. It is often frequented by the members of Firehouse 51 as well as other firefighters, members of the CPD and paramedics.

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Who is Erin Lindsay’s biological father?

Hank Voight
Erin Lindsay / Father

Henry “Hank” Voight is a fictional character in the television series Chicago P.D.. He appeared in a recurring capacity in Chicago Fire and as a main character in Chicago P.D., as the head of the Chicago Police Department’s Intelligence Unit, which operates out of the 21st District.


Who plays Anna on Chicago P.D. season 9 episode 7?

Carmela Zumbado: Anna Avalos.

What does LaRoyce Hawkins play in?

LaRoyce Hawkins was born and raised in the south Chicago suburb, Harvey, Illinois. He is an actor and creative best known for his longtime role as Officer Kevin Atwater on the NBC hit drama Chicago P.D. He also has a recurring role on the HBO Max comedy series South Side and featured in the BET+ film North of the 10.

What does Marina Squerciati play in?

Marina Teresa Squerciati is an American actress. She currently appears as a regular in Chicago P.D. as Officer Kim Burgess. Northwestern University (B.A.)

What nationality is Squerciati?

Marina Squerciati / Nationality

Does Marina Squerciati do her own stunts?

I’m not in a ton of running scenes. I have a stunt double. There’s a BIG episode coming up where my character goes through something MAJOR! I had a stunt double and body double, but I wanted to do my own stunts when it was safe.

How old is Marina Squerciati?

38 years (April 30, 1984)
Marina Squerciati / Age

How old is Laroyce Hawkins?

34 years (May 4, 1988)
LaRoyce Hawkins / Age