How old is Lil Tay right now?

On 21 April 2021, a message appeared on Lil Tay’s Instagram Stories that simply read: “We have bad news about Tay” It took a while for a follow up to be provided, leading many fans to worry that the rapper – now 11 years old – was in some kind of physical trouble.

When did Lil Tay go missing?

While many wrote the whole thing off as a joke, it’s humor was debatable, and others naturally took offense to the child’s antics. But, on June 6th, the nine-year-old vanished from social media entirely.

Who is Tay mother?

Angela Tian
Lil Tay / Mother

Who is Lil Tay brother?

Jason Tian
Lil Tay / Brother

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What is Lil Tay abused?

He says his sister witnessed her father in inappropriate scenarios with women at the age of five, and that she was “scratched, beaten, and repeatedly thrown in a dark closet.” Tian also said Hope would send Tay to school with moldy food for lunch and ripped and broken shoes and clothing.

When did Lil TJAY get shot?

In a short video uploaded on Instagram — his first social media post in 11 weeks — the rapper, born Tione Jayden Merritt, revealed he was shot seven times during the incident in Edgewater, New Jersey, on June 22nd. In the clip, Lil Tjay is seen wearing a neck brace.

Who shot 50 cents?

50 Cent survived a brutal shooting in 2000

Early reports indicated a drug dealer shot him, according to The Guardian. But court documents later claimed that alleged druglord Kenneth McGriff tried to murder 50 Cent after the rapper named him in a song.

Did Lil Tjay wake up from his coma?

Lil Tjay condition: Rapper wakes up, on road to recovery after being shot.

Why is Lil Tjay in hospital?

Lill Tjay underwent emergency surgery and was unconscious for multiple days following the shooting. A week after the incident, it was reported that he was awake and speaking. He is currently prepping his new album.

Did Lil Tjay get shot 7 times?

Update, Friday, August 26: After addressing his shooting on Instagram, Lil Tjay dropped “Beat the Odds,” his first song since being shot. On it, he raps about his recovery, reiterating that he was hit seven times. “I know they mad wishin’ they had finished me entirely” he says in one line.

How many times has Lil Tjay been shot?

Lil Tjay is speaking out for the first time since being shot back in June in a robbery attempt against him.

Did Lil Tjay survive surgery?

New York rapper and singer Lil Tjay has made his first public statement since he was shot in Edgewater, New Jersey in June, as Stereogum points out.