How old is Michael Reeves?

24 years (November 20, 1997)
Michael Reeves / Age

Where is Michael Reeves from?

Maui, HI
Michael Reeves / Place of birth

What college did Michael Reeves go to?

Michael Reeves/College

What code does Michael Reeves use?

YouTuber Michael Reeves may be young, but he totally gets the true spirit of the Python programming language.

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How much money does Michael Reeves make?

He currently has over 6.3 million subscribers on the platform. On Twitch, Michael currently has 1.3 million followers on an account that he created during the latter end of 2019.

Michael Reeves Net Worth.

Real Name Michael Reeves
Source of Wealth Content creation, software developing, sponsorships
Net Worth $3 million

What happened to Michael Reeves and William Osman?

Michael eventually parted ways with William, and moved in into the OfflineTV house, albeit not yet an official member.

How old is LilyPichu?

30 years (November 20, 1991)
LilyPichu / Age

What nationality is LilyPichu?

LilyPichu / Nationality

How long has LilyPichu been streaming?

One of the founding members of OfflineTV, LilyPichu, is among the most veteran creators in the livestreaming space. LilyPichu first gained popularity in 2011 after releasing her parody song I’ll Quit LoL and shortly after releasing her first extended play, Lilies.

What age is Valkyrae?

30 years (January 8, 1992)
Valkyrae / Age

Why did Lily quit Twitch?

LilyPichu didn’t waste any time yesterday during her YouTube debut to explain her reason for leaving Twitch—money. As soon as her stream went live, Lily dove into the topic, detailing in plain terms that “financial stability” played a huge role in her decision-making process.

What ethnicity is Sykkuno?

Sykkuno is a native of Southern California. He is of Chinese and Vietnamese descent. He has two sisters. Sykkuno lived in Las Vegas, Nevada in 2021 before returning to Los Angeles in February 2022.