How old is Michelle Payne?

37 years (September 29, 1985)
Michelle Payne / Age

How many winners did Michelle Payne?

Included in the best female jockeys ever list, Michelle Payne has won over 700 races in her career.

How tall is Michelle Payne jockey?

1.52 m
Michelle Payne / Height

Who is Michelle Payne brother?

Michelle Payne/Brothers

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How much money did Michelle Payne get for winning the Melbourne Cup?

2015 Melbourne Cup
Melbourne Cup
Location Flemington Racecourse Melbourne, Australia
Winning horse Prince of Penzance
Starting price $101
Jockey Michelle Payne

What did Prince of Penzance pay?

Prince of Penzance paid a record $101 with TAB fixed odds and was barely mentioned in the lead-up to the race.

Who are Michelle Payne’s siblings?

Michelle Payne/Siblings

What is Stevie Payne doing now?

Stevie works as a strapper for his sister Michelle. His duties include grooming and tacking up horses for Michelle to ride. What is this? Stevie works at Michelle’s farm, MJ Payne Racing, which is located at Nottingham Farm at Ballarat Turf Club.

Who is Sam Payne?

Samantha is an internationally renowned Real Estate Agent and Developer, who has spent the last 15 years connecting buyers, seller and developers all around the world.

Is Michelle Payne related to Patrick Payne?

But Paddy Payne always knew that his youngest child Michelle also had what it took to make her mark in the saddle. “She could always ride, and it was no surprise to me at all to see her succeed,” he said. “It was certainly a proud day when she won the Melbourne Cup.

When did Michelle Payne have her fall?

While now famous for her historic win in the 2015 Melbourne Cup with Prince of Penzance, Michelle had many mountains to climb before achieving the ultimate success. In March 2004 at the age of just 18, Michelle suffered a fractured skull and bruising to her brain in a fall at Sandown.

Where is Prince of Penzance now?


The win was immortalised in the 2015 film Ride Like a Girl. The horse now resides at Living Legends where it’s predictably popular with the public.