How old is Miss America Emma Broyles?

I know the pages love it. So let me introduce to you our Alaskan of the week this week: 20-year-old Emma Broyles from Anchorage, who broke through barriers to become the first Alaskan and the first Korean American ever to be crowned Miss America. This just happened a couple weeks ago.

What heritage is Emma Broyles?

Broyles, an Alaska native, is half Korean on her mother’s side. Her Korean grandparents settled in Anchorage over 50 years ago before having her mother, who was born and raised in Anchorage, making Broyles a third generation Korean American. As of 2019, there are approximately 6,800 Korean Americans living in Alaska.

What nationality is Miss America 2022?

Miss USA 2022: R’Bonney Gabriel becomes first Filipina-American to win the pageant.

Where does Emma Broyles attend college?

There she is, from Arizona State University.

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Who won Mrs America 2022?

Mrs. Illinois, Nicole Zwiercan, from Homer Glen, was crowned Mrs. America 2022 on Saturday, August 20 at the West Gate Las Vegas Resort & Casino in Nevada.

How old is Miss Alaska?


What city in Alaska is Emma Broyles from?

Broyles is an Anchorage, Alaska native. She was Miss Alaska’s Outstanding Teen in 2017 when she was 15. Miss America 2022 took a four-year break from beauty pageants until 2021. Broyles volunteered with the Special Olympics organization 12 years ago.

How many times can you compete for Miss USA?

CAN I COMPETE MORE THAN ONCE? Unfortunately not. This is literally a once in a lifetime opportunity as you may only compete in the Miss USA pageant once.

Has anyone from Alaska won Miss America?

Miss America 2022: The best, worst and weirdest moments from the first streaming-only competition. Did you miss the 100th annual Miss America competition on Thursday, when Miss Alaska, Emma Broyles, was named the state’s first-ever pageant winner? If so, you are far from alone.

What race is Miss Alaska?

“As a Korean-American, I am so grateful for the opportunity to compete alongside so many brilliant, talented women,” she said. “I hope to live up to the legacy, serve as a positive role model for women of all ages and make the Miss America Organization proud.

Who won Mrs Alaska 2022?

The ultimate prize and title of Mrs. Alaska America 2022 went to our newly crowned Mrs. Alaska America is Ashley Goodrich, wife of Rhett Goodrich. Ashley is a nursing student and wellness coach, and mom of 2.

Is Miss Alaska Native Alaskan?

Anchorage Dispatch News: Miss Alaska Stuns with Transforming Tlingit Style Robe at Miss USA. As a proud Tlingit, Alaska Native/ Native American woman, Alyssa wanted to use the moments she had on the Miss USA stage to show the world that she embraces and is proud of her culture and heritage.