How old is Penn Charles Holderness?

48 years (October 13, 1974)
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How old are the Holderness couple?

With Kim and Penn’s youthful energy and timeless looks, it’s been difficult for fans of The Amazing Race to pinpoint how old, exactly, they are. Penn was born on Oct. 13, 1974, making him 47 years old as of publishing this article. Meanwhile, Kim was born on March 27, 1976, and is currently 45 years old.

Is Holderness family on Amazing Race?

“It took a minute – and some emails, but we finally got paid,” Kim Holderness said on “The Holderness Family” podcast this week. The Holdernesses competed on season 33 of “The Amazing Race,” which aired from January to March 2022.

Are Kim and Penn still married?

Kim and Penn have been married for sixteen years. For seven of those years, they have chronicled their marriage and their family with funny music videos, vlogs, skits, and a podcast.

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How much money did the Holderness family win?

Amazing Race finale: Holdernesses on winning $1 million | Raleigh News & Observer.

Are Kim and Penn still in Amazing Race?

Penn and Kim Holderness have crossed the finish line! Making history as the oldest team to ever win The Amazing Race, the internet personalities conquered more than just leg obstacles, roadblocks, and filming during a pandemic — they overcame mental health challenges along the way.

How did Holderness family do in Amazing Race?

Raleigh viral video stars and internet personalities Kim and Penn Holderness were crowned the winners of CBS’s “The Amazing Race” Wednesday night, crossing the finish line ahead of two other teams and walking away with $1 million.

Where can I watch Amazing Race Holderness?

You can watch Wednesday’s season finale of “The Amazing Race” at 8 p.m. on CBS, or stream the episode after it airs at

When did Holderness family film Amazing Race?

Connie and Sam Greiner, a married couple from Charlotte, are also competing. While Season 33 premiered Wednesday night, it was actually filmed beginning in February 2020, before the COVID-19 pandemic shut down production for more than a year.

Why did Caro and Ray leave Amazing Race?

Unfortunately, the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic forced production to shut down for 19 months. And Caro and Ray were unable to return to the race once production restarted.

What do Amazing Race winners get?

‘The Amazing Race’ prize is $1 million.

Do runners up on The Amazing Race win anything?

Each team eliminated after that gets an increase of funds. In order from 10th to 4th place, runner-up teams take home $2,500, $3,000, $3,500, $4,000, $5,000, $6,000, and $7,000. The team who finishes in third place takes home $10,000 and the second-place finishers earn $25,000.