How old is Rod Stewart’s son Alistair?

Rod Stewart, 77, towered over by son Alastair, 16, on family night out | Metro News.

Who are Rod Stewart’s kids?

Rod Stewart/Children

Who is Alastair Stewart’s mother?

Penny Lancaster
Alastair Wallace Stewart / Mother

Penelope Claire Lancaster, Lady Stewart is an English model and television personality. She is married to rock singer Rod Stewart. In 2014, she joined the ITV lunchtime show Loose Women.


How old is Alastair Wallace Stewart?

17 years (November 27, 2005)
Alastair Wallace Stewart / Age

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Who is Rod Stewart’s daughter?

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Does Rod Stewart’s son still play hockey?

This year, he announced that he would join a U.K. hockey team. In Feb., 2021, Liam announced that he would be joining the U.K.’s Everyone Active Raiders ahead of the 2021 NIHL Spring Cup.

What did Alastair Stewart say to lose his job?

Stewart resigned on Wednesday, three weeks after he sent a tweet to a black man including the term “angry ape”. The message, quoting the Shakespeare play Measure for Measure, was sent to political adviser Martin Shapland during a disagreement between the two.

Why did Alastair Stewart leave the BBC?

ITV News presenter Alastair Stewart is stepping down from his role following what ITN called “errors of judgment in Alastair’s use of social media“. In a statement, the veteran broadcaster, 67, said: “It was a misjudgement which I regret.”

How tall is Rod Stewart?

1.78 m
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Who is Rod Stewart’s mandolin player?

Stewart’s band for almost 20 years & kills it on. mandolin for “Maggie May.”

Who is Rod Stewart’s best friend?

Ronnie Wood is Rod Stewarts best friend. They have often talked about their similar noses and hair.

Is Rod Stewart’s wife A police?

The TV presenter completed her training to become a special police constable in April 2021, but celebrated the achievement only 18 months later alongside her husband Sir Rod Stewart, 77.