How old is Stephanie Rawlings-Blake?

52 years (March 17, 1970)
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake / Age

What is Stephanie Rawlings doing now?

Former Baltimore City Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake has a new role as the executive director of the National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) Foundation.

Who was the first black mayor of Baltimore?

Schmoke was first elected Mayor of Baltimore on November 3, 1987, becoming the first African American voted into that office.

Who were the last 10 mayors of Baltimore City?

Baltimore City Mayors
Baltimore City Mayors
1797-1804 James Calhoun
2007-2010 Sheila Dixon
2010-2016 Stephanie C. Rawlings-Blake
2016-2019 Catherine E. Pugh

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Who is Stephanie Rawlings Blake husband?

Kent Blake
Stephanie Rawlings-Blake / Husband (m. 2000)

What’s the coolest neighborhood in Baltimore?

  • Canton.
  • Fells Point & East Harbor.
  • Federal Hill.
  • Hampden.
  • Towson.
  • South Baltimore.
  • Parkville. Perfect for young couples and professionals looking for a homey vibe and nature-filled parks.
  • Roland Park. Perfect for those that enjoy a charming and serene neighborhood and don’t mind being on the outskirts of Baltimore.

Where do rich people go in Baltimore?

In Baltimore’s case, the farther away from the city you get, the more affluence there is. Scaggsville in Howard County has Greater Baltimore’s highest affluence score out of all of the cities and neighborhoods, followed by Ellicott City and Fulton. ZIP code 21737 in Glenelg is the wealthiest ZIP in the area.

Is Baltimore more black or white?

Female persons, percent  53.1%
Race and Hispanic Origin
White alone, percent  31.9%
Black or African American alone, percent(a)  62.4%

Where do rich people live near Baltimore?

  • Adamstown.
  • Baltimore.
  • Burtonsville.
  • Garrison.
  • Glen Arm.
  • Harwood.
  • Howard County.
  • Jarrettsville.

Who were the mayors of Baltimore city?

Brandon Scott
Baltimore / Mayor

Brandon Maurice Scott is an American politician serving as the mayor of Baltimore, Maryland since 2020. The city of Baltimore uses a strong mayor-council structure for their government, meaning Scott holds strong mayoral powers.


How many mayors has Baltimore had?

As of May 2, 2019, the Office of the mayor of the City of Baltimore has changed hands 62 times with 53 different individuals in assuming office in the 220 years of city government, 1797–2017.


Mayor Ferdinand C. Latrobe
Term start 1891
Term end 1895
Terms 2
Party Democratic

What happened to former Baltimore mayor?

On February 27, 2020, Pugh was sentenced to 3 years in prison to be followed by 3 years of probation. As of January 26, 2022, Pugh had been released from federal prison in Alabama and transferred to a Baltimore halfway house.