How old is Steven Anthony Lawrence?

32 years (July 19, 1990)
Steven Anthony Lawrence / Age

How tall is Steven Anthony Lawrence?

1.54 m
Steven Anthony Lawrence / Height

How old is Beans from Even Stevens now?

Now 30, Lawrence has mostly moved on from show business but, as he told Vice, fans still recognize him as the bacon-loving Beans.

Where is Beans from even stevens?

Steven Anthony Lawrence is an Los Angeles-based actor who you might recognize for his role as Beans on Disney Channel’s “Even Stevens.”

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Did Even Stevens go out of business?

Even Stevens, a Salt Lake City-based sandwich chain that once vowed to donate a sandwich to a local nonprofit for each one sold, this week filed for federal bankruptcy protection and closed several locations.

Why Even Stevens was Cancelled?

The reason why “Even Stevens” was cancelled was because back in 1998, Disney Channel enforced a “65 episode rule” on its shows, where no show, no matter how popular, can go over 65 episodes (about 3 seasons).

Is Christy Carlson Romano Catholic?

Romano was raised Catholic. She began her career at six years old when she was cast in several national tours of Broadway shows, including Annie, The Will Rogers Follies with Keith Carradine and The Sound of Music with Marie Osmond.

How much does Shia LaBeouf make per movie?

Shia LaBeouf’s acting career and the “Transformers” saga

For the Transformers saga he earned $20.75 million dollars before taxes, with the first movie just paying him $750,000, then $5 million in the second one and $15 million for the third one.

Are Shia LaBeouf and AJ Trauth friends?

A.J. Trauth a.k.a. Twitty

Much like Pescow, A.J. Trauth and LaBeouf don’t seem to have kept in touch at all despite how close their characters were on the show. However, Trauth and Romano went on to do another project together after Even Stevens. You might remember a little thing called Kim Possible.

Where is beans the character from?

Background information
Origin Hermosillo, Sonora, Mexico
Species Iguana
Occupation Rancher

Where is beans from?

From its origins as a wild vine in Central and South America to the thousands of varieties grown around the world today, beans have evolved to be one of the world’s most important and versatile crops. The common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) originated as a wild vine in Central and South America.

Where are S&W beans grown?

In their raw form, a handful of beans resemble a herd of cattle, which is how they earned their name. S&W Pinquito Beans – These petite, pinkish-brown beans are exclusively grown in Santa Maria, Cali.