How old is Steven Talbot?

73 years (February 28, 1949)
Stephen Talbot / Age

Was Stephen Talbot in the military?

In 2007, Sergeant Talbot deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom, where he was attached to 2nd Low Altitude Air Defense (LAAD) Battalion for duty at the Tactical Air Command Center as the Military Police section’s Sergeant of the Guard.

Is Lyle Talbot still alive?

Lyle Talbot / Date of death

What happened to Gilbert that played on Leave it to Beaver?

Talbot had given up acting in his teens, veering into a career as a respected broadcast journalist and documentary filmmaker.

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Why was Jeri Weil dropped from Leave It to Beaver?

It was revealed in Still the Beaver (1983) that Ward Cleaver died in 1977. Jeri Weil, who portrayed Judy Hensler, was written out of the show when puberty quickly set in and Ms. Weil refused to go along with the wardrobe department’s measures to cover it up, insisting that she bind her breasts.

Is Barbara Billingsley still alive?

October 16, 2010
Barbara Billingsley / Date of death

How old is Jennifer Billingsley?

80 years (May 14, 1942)
Jennifer Billingsley / Age

How old is Tony Dow?

77 years (1945–2022)
Tony Dow / Age at death

Is Frank Bank still alive?

April 13, 2013
Frank Bank / Date of death

Is anyone still alive from the Leave It to Beaver show?

Dow’s death leaves Mathers and Rusty Stevens, who played Beaver’s friend Larry Mondello, as the only surviving members of the show’s core cast. Beaumont died in 1982. Barbara Billingsley, who played Wally and Beaver’s mother, June Cleaver, died in 2010. Ken Osmond, who played Haskell, died in 2020.

What happened to Judy that played on Leave It to Beaver?

Personal life. Weil quit acting when she was dropped from Leave It to Beaver in October 1960. She is currently a writer as well as realtor with Prudential John Aaroe and Associates Realty in the Studio City area of Los Angeles.

What happened to Beavers friend Whitey?

After the series ended, Fafara went to North Hollywood High School. He said he later lived briefly in a house with members of the rock band Paul Revere and the Raiders. He also started drinking daily and cashed in on his TV fame.