How old is tiny Harris?

47 years (July 14, 1975)
Tiny Harris / Age

Where is tiny Harris from?

College Park, Georgia, United States
Tiny Harris / Place of birth

College Park is a city in Fulton and Clayton counties, Georgia, United States, adjacent to the southern boundary of the city of Atlanta. As of the 2020 census, the population was 13,930.


How rich is tiny Harris?

Tiny Harris Net Worth: Tameka Cottle, most recognized by her stage name Tiny Harris, is an American singer and reality TV star who has a net worth of $5 million.

Tiny Harris Net Worth.

Net Worth: $5 Million
Profession: Singer, Singer-songwriter, TV Personality, Television producer, Actor
Nationality: United States of America

Who is tiny Harris mother?

Dianne Cottle-Pope
Tiny Harris / Mother

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Who is Tiny Harris father?

Charles Pope
Tiny Harris / Father

Who is Tiny married to?

Tiny Harris / Spouse (m. 2010)

Clifford Joseph Harris Jr., better known by the stage names T.I. and Tip, is an American rapper, record executive, and actor.


How did Tiny change her eye color?

Tiny Changed Her Eye Color Permanently – Tiny, former Xscape singer and rapper T.I.’s wife, went on Instagram to confirm that she permanently changed the color of her eyes from brown to ice grey with the help of BrightOcular surgery.

Is Tiny older than tip?

Tiny was already a superstar, with three platinum-selling albums with her group Xscape and responsible for penning songs like TLC’s “No Scrubs.” She was also five years older than him.

How tall is Tiny’s wife?

Who is T.I.’s wife Tiny? Tiny was born on July 14, 1975, in College Park, Georgia. Tameka Harris, who was nicknamed “Tiny” due to her 4 foot 11 inch frame, first emerged as a member of the band Xscape.

Is TI and Tiny still married in 2022?

Despite a turbulent relationship, the two are still going strong. Trap music pioneer T.I. is celebrating 12 years of marriage with Tameka “Tiny” Harris, who had some cute words to say about her longtime partner via an anniversary Instagram post.

What is T.I.’s net worth 2022?

He formed the hip hop group in 2001 with his friends Big Kuntry King, Mac Boney, and AK, and C-Rod. In 2003, T.I launched his own label, Grand Hustle Records. As of today, he is known for being one of the most prolific rappers. As of October 2022, T.I’s net worth is estimated to be $20 Million.

Did Tiny and T.I. get a divorce?

“It was pretty stressful,” says Tiny about the divorce process. “I was going through what I was going through and once I filed [for divorce], everything becomes public record.