How old was Fannie Lou Hamer when she died?

59 years (1917–1977)
Fannie Lou Hamer / Age at death

Why is Fannie Lou Hamer famous?

Fannie Lou Hamer (1917-1977) was a civil rights activist whose passionate depiction of her own suffering in a racist society helped focus attention on the plight of African-Americans throughout the South.

Where did Fannie Lou Hamer live?

Hamer was born on October 6, 1917 in Montgomery County, Mississippi, the 20th and last child of sharecroppers Lou Ella and James Townsend. She grew up in poverty, and at age six Hamer joined her family picking cotton. By age 12, she left school to work.

What did Fannie Lou Hamer do for a living?

In 1964 Hamer cofounded and became vice-chairperson of the Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party (MFDP), established after unsuccessful attempts by African Americans to work with the all-white and pro-segregation Mississippi Democratic Party.

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Who said I’m tired of being sick and tired?

“I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired” (Fannie Lou Hamer, 1964) – Why we work to create pathways to health equity | Blogs | CDC.

What was Fannie Lou Hamer beaten with?

‘” The white officers then forced two African American prisoners to brutally beat Ms. Hamer with loaded blackjacks; she was nearly killed.

Was Fannie Lou Hamer a farmer?

Fannie Lou Hamer (1917 – 1977) was born into a sharecropping family in Mississippi and become a leader in civil rights. She established a cooperative farm to provide economic support to her community.

What are five facts about Fannie Lou Hamer?

Five Facts about Fannie Lou Hamer

She was the youngest among 20 children and started field-work when she was only six years old. Fannie Lou Hamer has a walking disability because of polio and has an eye blood clot after severely beaten by the police in Mississippi jail for being black.

Where did Fannie Lou spend the majority of her life?

Fannie Lou Hamer spent most of her life in rural southern poverty, entering politics late in life out of anger and a passionate desire to change a racist system.

Was Fannie Lou Hamer a singer?

Hamer began to sing, raising her powerful voice first in church songs, then movement songs. This helped calm the other passengers. Mrs. Hamer’s voice continued to be a powerful tool that mobilized many in Mississippi and across the South during times of struggle in the Movement.

What happened after Freedom Summer?

Impact of The Freedom Summer

Johnson and Congress to pass the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which ended segregation in public places and banned employment discrimination on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin, and the Voting Rights Act of 1965.

Is Fannie Lou Hamer still living?

March 14, 1977
Fannie Lou Hamer / Date of death