How old was George Younce when he died?

75 years (1930–2005)
George Younce / Age at death

Was George Younce married?

Clara Younce
George Younce / Spouse (m. 1955–2005)

When was George Younce born?

George Younce was born on February 22, 1930 in Patterson, North Carolina. In 1946, George started as lead singer in the group, Spiritualaires, which he formed with some friends. As his voice matured, he transitioned to singing bass for the group.

Who did George Younce sing with?

During George’s years with the Blue Ridge Quartet, he and pianist Kenny Gates teamed up in writing some excellent songs that have been all but forgotten since the mid 1960s.

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Who is the best bass singer in gospel music?

John Daniel Sumner (November 19, 1924 – November 16, 1998) was an American gospel singer, songwriter, and music promoter noted for his bass voice, and his innovation in the Christian and Gospel music fields.

J. D. Sumner
Genres Southern Gospel, Country, Rock & Roll, Pop, Gospel, Contemporary Christian

Is George Younce’s wife still alive?

George Younce’s Wife Passes Away – Texas Gospel Canada Southern Gospel Radio.

What did JD Sumner died from?

November 16, 1998
J. D. Sumner / Date of death

Who sang bass for the Cathedral Quartet?

After a year on the road, Lee decided that he did not want to perform with a full-time quartet, and was replaced by Kingsmen bass guitarist and vocalist Mark Trammell. Roger Bennett was hired to play piano, and one of the most popular Cathedrals lineups had formed.

How old was Glen Payne when he died?

72 years (1926–1999)
Glen Payne / Age at death

Is Glen Payne still living?

October 15, 1999
Glen Payne / Date of death

Who is the youngest of the Payne family?

Life Story – Michelle Payne

Growing up on a farm at Miners Rest, near Ballarat in Central Victoria, Michelle is the youngest daughter of the ten children of Paddy and Mary Payne.

Where is Vern Jackson?

The lead singer of The Wagonmasters was Vern Jackson, who with his wife, Sandra, resides at Leisure World in Southern California.