How old was James Evans in Good Times?

Evans was a decade younger than Jimmie Walker. Walker was 26 when Good Times debuted on February 8, 1974, but he was portraying a high school student. At age 34, Amos was only eight years older than the man playing his son.

How old is James Amos on Good Times?

83 years (December 27, 1939)
John Amos / Age

Why did James get fired from Good Times?

Stating creative differences with the show’s writers and producers, Amos said of his 1976 departure: “I left because I was told that my services were no longer needed because I had become a ‘disruptive element. In other words, I didn’t have the diplomacy that I think I’ve cultivated over the last 10 or 15 years.

How old is James Evans Jr?

James H. Evans Jr., who was the first African-American president of the Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School in Rochester, died last month. He was 72.

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How much did they get paid on Good Times?

That idea became the 1974 hit “Good Times.” Evans and Monte were given credit as co-creators, and Monte was hired as one of the show’s writers. He says he was paid a salary of $2,000 a week, and received another payment for any of his scripts that were accepted.

How old is J.J. now?

75 years (June 25, 1947)
Jimmie Walker / Age

What was JJ’s daddy’s name?

Mr. Schmidt is the father of TomTom, YoYo, and JJ as well as Mrs. Schmidt’s husband.

What was JJ’s last name?

Jennifer Jareau
Created by Jeff Davis
Portrayed by A. J. Cook
In-universe information
Nickname JJ

Did the cast of Good Times get along?

In real life, however, the stars of the 1970s sitcom weren’t as tight as they appeared onscreen. Jimmie Walker, who played breakout character J.J., has said that, when it came to two other members of the main cast, he barely knew anything about them, they “never talked,” and they were “never friends.”

Who is the oldest Evans sibling?

He has an older sister, Carly Evans, and two younger siblings, a brother named Scott Evans, who is also an actor, and a sister named Shana Evans.

Who is the older Evans brother?

Chris Evan’s brother Scott Evans does just that and more, trolling his older brother in the most hilarious of ways.

Did Florida Evans get married?

They used to live in the South Side of Chicago in a cold water flat where they had their two oldest children, James “J.J.” Evans, Jr. and Thelma.

Florida Evans
Spouse(s): James Evans (m. 1952-1976) Carl Dixon (m. 1977-1978)