How old was Janet Gaynor when she died?

Janet Gaynor died on September 14, 1984, from pneumonia and the complications from the 1982 car accident. She was 77 years old. This superstar was honored with a star along Hollywood’s Walk of Fame, at 6280 Hollywood Boulevard.

Did Janet Gaynor have any children?

Robin Gaynor Adrian
Janet Gaynor / Children

Who is Janet Gaynor married to?

Janet Gaynor/Spouse

How tall was Janet Gaynor?

1.52 m
Janet Gaynor / Height

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Where is Janet Gaynor buried?

Janet Gaynor passed away two years later Palm Springs, on September 4, 1984; Gaynor died of pneumonia and un-recovered injuries from her accident. Gaynor was buried in Hollywood Forever Cemetery in Los Angeles, California.

Is Janet Gaynor still alive?

September 14, 1984
Janet Gaynor / Date of death

Does Gloria Gaynor have a daughter?

Gaynor married her manager Linwood Simon in 1979. The couple divorced in 2005. She has no children.

Is Gaynor Faye married?

Faye lives with long-term partner Mark Pickering in Leeds, West Yorkshire. The couple have two children.

What movies was Janet Gaynor in?

Janet Gaynor/Appears in

What happened Luana Patten?

Patten died from respiratory failure at Long Beach Memorial Hospital, aged 57. She is interred in Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Long Beach, California.

What is Gloria Gaynor doing now?

Who was Taylor Hackford first wife?

He married his first wife, Georgie Lowres, in 1967; they have one child, Rio Hackford (1970–2022). The couple divorced in 1972. In 1977, Hackford married Lynne Littman, with whom he has one child, Alexander Hackford, born in 1979; their marriage lasted until 1987.