How old was Neo in The Matrix 1?

Neo is 57 years old in the Matrix program, but 60 years have passed in the real world, making Neo 97 years old. Neo lives under his real name as Thomas Anderson and although he looks not that old, others see him as a man with an eyepatch and gray hair.

How old was the first Matrix?

On March 31, 1999, the writing and directing sibling team of Lana and Lilly Wachowski release their second film, the mind-blowing science-fiction blockbuster The Matrix.

What was Keanu Reeves paid for Matrix 4?

How much did Keanu Reeves make for Matrix 4? According to Variety, Reeves will make between $12 million to $14 million for Matrix: Resurrection, plus back-end box office grosses and adjusted bonuses because the film will simultaneously be released on HBO Max.

How many years did it take to make The Matrix?

Filming began in March 1998 and wrapped in August 1998; principal photography took 118 days.

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Is Matrix 5 possible?

The Matrix 4 ended with left doors open for the next sequel, so fans thought a fifth film is definitely on the cards. Even lead star Keanu Reeves was willing to return. But producer James McTeigue noted in December that there are no plans for sequels, prequels, or an all-new trilogy at the present moment.

Which Matrix is the best?

The Matrix Movies, Ranked by Tomatometer
  • #3. The Matrix Revolutions (2003) 34% #3. Critics Consensus: A disappointing conclusion to the Matrix trilogy as characters and ideas take a back seat to the special effects.
  • #2. The Matrix Reloaded (2003) 73% #2.
  • #1. The Matrix (1999) 88% #1.

Who is the strongest person in The Matrix?

Agent Smith

Able to inhabit any body in the Matrix, Agents Smith, Brown, and Jones are literally no one and everyone. Smith is the most dangerous and powerful, and he proves to be much different from the other Agents.

Why does everyone in The Matrix wear sunglasses?

The renegades and the Agents always wear sunglasses in the Matrix. Sunglasses hide the eyes and reflect those who are being looked at. The removal of sunglasses signals that a character is gaining a new or different perspective, or that he or she is vulnerable or exposed in some way.

Which Matrix made the most money?

The Matrix Reloaded

Did they make Matrix 2 and 3 in the same year?

Why did Matrix 2 and 3 release in the same year? The Wachowskis envisioned the Matrix storyline as a trilogy since the very beginning. “The Matrix Reloaded” and “The Matrix Revolutions” were filmed simultaneously, according to Rotten Tomatoes, but released six months apart in 2003.

How many years have passed in Matrix 4?

Neo is brought to the human city Io, where he reunites with an elderly Niobe. She explains that sixty years have passed in the real world since the Machine War ended, and that Neo’s allies have died over time, including the original Morpheus.

How long did it take to write the Matrix script?

Awards: National Film Registry in 2012. Trivia: The Wachowski Brothers harbored their vision for five and a half years, working through 14 drafts of the screenplay. The final concepts took up 500 storyboards.