How rich is George Peterson?

George Peterson is an American businessman and reality TV star who has a net worth of $20 million dollars. George Peterson is a real estate and land developer based in San Juan Capistrano, California. He gained fame after appearing on “The Real Housewives of Orange County” with his wife Lauri Peterson.

Are Laurie and George still together?

Since her exit, Lauri has frequently shared photos of her husband, George, her two adult daughters and her son Josh’s daughter, Kennedy, whom she adopted in 2015 amid Josh’s struggles with substance abuse.

How much is Laurie from RHOC worth?

What is Lauri Waring Peterson’s net worth? Lauri Waring Peterson is an American reality television star who has a net worth of $20 million. The vast majority of her wealth is attributable to her husband since 2007, real estate developer George Peterson.

Did Lauri Peterson have a baby with George?

Lauri adopted Kennady several years ago, and she has been raising her with George. Lauri’s latest life updates are all about little Kennady, who, it turns out, isn’t quite so little anymore.

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How much does George Peterson weigh?

How much did George Peterson weigh when playing? George Peterson weighed 200 lbs (90.7 kg) when playing.

How old is Lauri Peterson?

62 years (July 6, 1960)
Lauri Merten / Age

How many kids do George and Lauri Peterson have?

Lauri Peterson
Relationships George Peterson (husband)
Family Joshua Waring (son) Ashley Zarlin (daughter) Sophie Waring (daughter) Kennedy Waring (granddaughter, adoptive daughter)
Series Real Housewives of Orange County
Season(s) 1-5

Did Laurie and George get married?

Lauri Waring Peterson was the first Housewives star to do it. She wed George Peterson in 2007, and their nuptials were featured on the third season of the show.

How much does Tamra judge make a year?

However, according to All About The Real Housewives, Tamra earned a whopping $900,000, alongside costar Shannon Beador. While her income was close to $1 million during her final season — before her 2022 announcement that she’s returning to the show — she only made $7,000 in her first season on RHOC.

How old is Slade Smiley?

49 years (October 29, 1973)
Slade Smiley / Age

Does Brandon Smiley have a child?

Congrats are in order for Rickey Smiley’s son, Brandon, who welcomed his first child into the world last week – a beautiful baby girl. “Meet My Granddaughter Storm Smiley,” Rickey wrote on social media sharing the news of the birth of his second grandchild with fans.

How old is Gretchen Rossi?

44 years (October 30, 1978)
Gretchen Rossi / Age