How rich is Grammarly?

The popular artificial intelligence-based online grammar checking tool Grammarly has made two of its founders– Alex Shevchenko and Max Lytvyn – billionaires. According to the Forbes Billionaires Index, both Shevchenko and Lytvyn are worth $4 billion respectively as of February 8.

Who is the owner of Grammarly?

Max Lytvyn, Alex Shevchenko, and Dmytro Lider founded Grammarly in 2009 with the goal of helping people communicate more effectively.

Where is Alex Shevchenko from?

Alexander Shevchenko (ice hockey) (born 1992), Russian ice hockey player.

Is Grammarly a Ukrainian company?

Grammarly has a deep, personal connection to Ukraine, where our company was founded 13 years ago. As Grammarly grew into a global company with operations across North America, we’ve proudly maintained a vibrant office in Kyiv, the local hub for our many remarkable team members.

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Is Grammarly making money?

Grammarly is a tech company offering products for improving your writing skills. The tool is available as an app, extension, and Microsoft Word plugin. Grammarly makes money through a subscription model, and experts suggest the company is not yet profitable.

Why is Grammarly worth so much?

Paying for Grammarly is completely worth your money. It not only save you from embarrassing mistakes which I have made and received a lot of flake online for that but also improves your writing and vocabulary skills. Consider it your online English tutor as well.

Is Grammarly a Chinese company?

Grammarly is an American cloud-based typing assistant that reviews spelling, grammar, punctuation, clarity, engagement, and delivery mistakes in English language text.

Is Hemingway better than Grammarly?

If you prefer to write directly in your processor, Grammarly is more useful due to its popular free plug-in. If you write lots of articles or blog posts on or WordPress sites, use the Premium Hemingway editing tool. The HTML functionality will save you time and effort.

Is Grammarly 100% correct?

Is Grammarly Accurate? Yes, it’s accurate for basic spelling and grammar errors. Its suggestions are also more correct than other writing apps. It can correct passive voice, diction, writing style, and comma location.

Why does Grammarly support Ukraine?

“Grammarly was founded in Ukraine, our cofounders are from Ukraine, and we have many team members who call Ukraine home,” it posted on the professional social media site. As we #StandWithUkraine, we are updating our product with a message that provides resources for helping the people of Ukraine.

Can I trust Grammarly?

Yes, Grammarly can be trusted. It is used by countless writers, companies, and students. The company would not have succeeded if they were looking to scam writers! In fact, unlike many other online services, Grammarly doesn’t rent or sell user data.

Does Grammarly support Russian?

Grammarly Only Covers the English Language

Grammarly only offers corrections for one language: English. LanguageTool, on the other hand, helps you write in over 20 languages (including French, Spanish, German, Portuguese, Polish, Dutch, and Russian).