How rich is Luis Coronel?

Luis Coronel Net Worth
Net Worth: $2 Million
Place of Birth Tucson
Gender Male
Profession Singer, Musician, Singer-songwriter
Nationality United States of America

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How did Luis Coronel get famous?

Luis Coronel uploaded tons of videos of himself singing, but one caught the eye of Del Records. He recorded himself singing to his girlfriend at the time and uploaded it to his Facebook account by using the computer that was in the boxing gym. He was signed by Del Records at the age of sixteen.

Is Luis Coronel Hispanic?

Coronel was born on February 3, 1996, in Tucson, Pima County, Arizona. His parents are Miguel Coronel and Gámez Coronel. He has Mexican ethnicity, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius. He completed his high school at Pueblo High School in Tucson.

How old is Luis Coronel?

26 years (February 3, 1996)
Luis Coronel / Age

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Is Luis Coronel in a relationship?

Is Luis Coronel married? No. However, he is in a relationship with Cristina Bernal.

What part of Mexico is Luis Coronel from?

Luis is originally from Tucson, Arizona of Mexican parents and is the youngest of three siblings.

Where was Luis Coronel born?

Tucson, AZ
Luis Coronel / Place of birth

Tucson is a city in and the county seat of Pima County, Arizona, United States, and is home to the University of Arizona.


Who is Luis Coronel signed to?

Luis Coronel/Record labels

Was Luis Coronel a boxer?

In his teens, he became a boxer. After a match he sang a song from the ring; the performance was videotaped. He uploaded the video to YouTube and his life seemed to change almost overnight as it spread virally. Coronel soon gave up boxing to focus on music.

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