How tall are the agents on Selling Sunset?

The Selling Sunset star appears quite a lot taller than her co-stars. As per The Express, Mary stands at 5 ft 5, Heather is 5 ft 7 and Chrishell and Maya are 5 ft 6. The Oppenheim twins, Jason and Brett, are 5 ft 6.

How tall are the Selling Sunset twins?

The pair trained as lawyers before they went into the real estate business. Jason and Brett are often seen with their realtors towering over them, resulting in many fans wondering how tall the twins are. According to reports, the brothers both stand at five feet and six inches tall.

How is Christine Selling Sunset so rich?

Along with the commissions she makes as a high-end estate agent at the Oppenheim Group and her Selling Sunset salary, Christine Quinn’s net worth also includes the money she makes from Instagram sponsorships. According to Influencer Marketing Hub, Christine makes around $3,184 per post.

How old is Christine Quinn?

34 years (October 14, 1988)
Christine Quinn / Age

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Is Christine Quinn rich?

To some viewers’ surprise, Christine Quinn is not the wealthiest Selling Sunset cast member with a net worth of $2 million, despite her impressive sales stats on the show. Here’s where Christine’s co-stars’ bank accounts reportedly stack up, according to Celebrity Net Worth, in comparison: Chrishell Stause: $5 million.

Was Christine’s wedding real?

Quinn married her husband, Christian Richard, last December in an over-the-top ceremony, and Selling Sunset camera crews were on hand to capture the big day.

How old is Christine from sunset?

34 years (October 14, 1988)
Christine Quinn / Age

How old is Mary in Selling Sunset?

Mary Fitzgerald is 41 years old at the time of writing. She was born on July 29, 1980.

How old is Maya in Selling Sunset?

Maya Vander is 33 years old. She is married with two kids; Aiden, one, and Elle, four months.

Is Christine Quinn her real name?

Biography: Christine Bently Quinn — born in Dallas in October 1988 — made quite the name for herself through her starring role on Netflix’s hit reality series Selling Sunset, beginning in 2019.

Who has the highest net worth on Selling Sunset?

Apparently, Chrishell is one of the richest of the Selling Sunset agents, thanks to some high commissions from her properties and also her acting career in Days Of Her Lives.

Is Selling Sunset real or scripted?

There’s nothing that’s scripted, we’re never told to say anything. At most, I would say that in some situations, if some things need to be addressed or we’re meeting a client or something, we’ll be asked to wait to make sure if we get everything on camera, but that’s certainly not scripted,” he told Metro.