How tall is Austin from winter house?

Austen’s height stands at a significant 6 ft 5. So, fans who have pondered why he is attractive to many women, this could be your answer… Paige DeSorbo, Craig Conover’s new girlfriend, agreed with her new beau that Austen’s height is attractive to women.

How tall is Austin from Southern?

The six-foot-tall personality attended the University of Alabama, though he was actually born in Washington D.C. Austen is described as an “adventurous stargazer” and travel enthusiast.

How old is Austen Kroll?

35 years (June 16, 1987)
Austen Kroll / Age

Where did Austen Kroll grow up?

His Bravo TV biography says Kroll grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, attended college in Alabama, and traveled to New Zealand before settling in the sweet southern town of Charleston.

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Who is the wealthiest person on Southern Charm?

1/10 Patricia Altschul Is The Richest At $50 Million

By far, the wealthiest cast member of Southern Charm is Patricia Altschul who has a net worth of $50 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. Altschul was married to the late Arthur Altschul, who was a partner at Goldman Sachs Group.

Are Shep and Taylor still together?

“Disclaimer to everyone: Shep and I are broken up. We have kept a cordial relationship but would appreciate not hearing what my ex is up to while I’m still trying to heal,” she wrote on her Instagram Story on Tuesday.

Where did Austen Kroll live?

In June 2021, Austen Kroll announced he had purchased a very special “birthday present” for himself: a beautiful house in Charleston. As the Southern Charm cast member told last month, he “immediately” knew the home was the perfect choice for him.

Where did Austen Kroll parents move to?

On June 16, 1987, Austen Kroll was born to parents in Washington, DC. Austen was born under the sign of Gemini and is currently 35 years old. The actor’s family relocated to Charlotte, North Carolina, when he was seven years old, and he spent his formative years there.

Where did Austen Kroll go to college?

Austen Kroll

The beer entrepreneur probably never missed a keg party during his time at the University of Alabama. Even so, he managed to graduate in 2010 with a bachelor’s of science degree in business Administration and management.

Where did Shep rose go to high school?

Shep Rose/Education

How much is Shep Rose family worth?

Shep Rose’s net worth

According to, Shep is worth around $4 million.

Who is Brett Randle?

About Brett Randle

Madison’s fiancé Brett Randle hails from Roseville in Sacramento, California. He works as an account manager for Nike. The 35-year-old has four siblings, according to US Weekly. Brett is not on social media, so not a lot of information about him is publicly available.