How tall is Robert Lopez?

7 ft 0 in

What nationality is Robert Lopez?

Robert Lopez (born February 23, 1975) is an American songwriter for musicals, best known for co-creating The Book of Mormon and Avenue Q, and for co-writing the songs featured in the Disney computer-animated films Frozen, its sequel, Frozen II, and Coco, with his wife Kristen Anderson-Lopez.

Who has a double egot?

The only Double EGOT—a person who has won all four awards at least twice—is songwriter Robert Lopez (Emmy (3), Grammy (3), Oscar (2) and Tony (3)). Lopez is also the youngest person to achieve EGOT status, at 39 years, 8 days; and completed his first EGOT in the shortest time (a span of 9 years, 8 months).

Who wrote Book of Mormon music?

The Book of Mormon/Lyricists

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Where do the Lopez brothers come from?

Lopez moved from Hollywood to Oak Harbor, Washington, while in second grade to be near his older brother, Alex, who was playing basketball at the University of Washington at the time. He then moved to his current hometown of Fresno, California, a year later where he attended San Joaquin Memorial High School.

Is Robert Lopez an egot?

With his latest Oscar victory, Robert Lopez makes history by becoming the first person to achieve the EGOT twice.

What did Robert Lopez win an Emmy for?

Outstanding Original Music And Lyrics – 2007.

Who wrote the song Let It Go from frozen?

Anderson-Lopez attended one of Brown’s talks at Pixar, and the two eventually met. Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Bobby Lopez wrote the songs for “Frozen” together.

What is Elsa’s disability?

Elsa’s condition, which is triggered by fear and anxiety, is representative of not only physical but also mental and cognitive disability, as many viewers have noted. The mishandling of Elsa’s condition by her parents resonates especially with those who live with anxiety and depression.

What did John Lennon think of the song Let It Be?

Despite being one of the Beatles’ most popular songs, John Lennon apparently hated ‘Let It Be’. By the time the Let It Be album was being recorded, the Beatles were on rocky ground, constantly fighting, with Lennon later describing the experience as “going through hell”.

Who is Elsa’s singing voice?

Idina Menzel provided both the singing and speaking voice of Elsa.

What is the name of Elsa’s daughter?

Elsa Hosk revealed the reason she named her daughter, Tuulikki Joan, on Thursday as she expressed gratitude towards her body and said there is ‘no pressure to be a size zero’.