How tall is Shauna Rae from TLC?

Even though she is 22 years old, Shauna Rae stands at 3ft 10 inches. Shauna was diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer when she was a baby.

How much does Shauna Rae get paid?

Some claims state she earns between $10,000 to 1$5,000 with each episode of I Am Shauna Rae, but this information couldn’t be verified at the time of writing. It’s widely believed that Shauna Rae now lives on Long Island.

How tall is Shauna from I am Shauna?

Shauna Rae is 3 ft 10 inches, a height she has remained at since she was 16 years old. Her height is considered to be the average size of an eight-year-old. She revealed to People that she is often not treated “like a normal human” because of her appearance.

What disability does Shauna have?

Shauna, now the star of TLC’s docuseries I Am Shauna Rae, was diagnosed with brain cancer at 6 months old before receiving a life-saving chemotherapy treatment that rendered her pituitary gland almost dormant. Shauna stopped growing, and today, she’s only 3 feet and 10 inches tall, the average height of an 8-year-old.

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Is Shauna Rae in a relationship?

Shauna Rae has another love interest — a man named Dan who lives in Wales.

How many sisters does Shauna Rae have?

Shauna has three sisters including her oldest sister Tara Lesick and half-sisters Rylee and Morgan. Tara lives away from the rest of the family in Tallahassee, Florida, so she doesn’t often feature on the show.

How old is Shauna Rae now?

TLC Star Shauna Rae Is A 22-Year-Old Trapped In The Body Of A Child.

Does Shauna Rae have an Instagram?

Shauna Rae (@shaunamrae) • Instagram photos and videos.

Will there be a season 2 of I Am Shauna Rae?

There’s good news for fans of Shauna who want to see more of her story unfold in front of reality TV cameras. That’s because Season 2 of I Am Shauna Rae premieres on Nov. 1, 2022, on TLC and on Discovery Plus. Shauna already overcame childhood cancer, which means she’s an incredibly strong individual.

What is Shauna Raes surname?

The star of TLC’s I Am Shauna Rae announced she’s no longer using her born surname, and has legally removed it from her name. On Wednesday, Shauna Rae shared a photo of herself with the legal document, which indicated that she had removed her former last name, “Lesick,” from her legal ID.

Does Shauna Rae have Snapchat?

ShaunaRae is on Snapchat!

Where is I Am Shauna Rae filmed?

The heartwarming show is filmed in and around Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Her family home is featured as the backdrop for the series. Shauna has spent her entire life in Pittsburgh and graduated from college there.