How tall was Armando Manzanero?

1.54 m
Armando Manzanero / Height

Where did Armando Manzanero live?

Armando Manzanero Canché, who was of Mayan heritage, was born on Dec. 7, 1934, in Merida, in southeastern Mexico, though his birth date was not officially registered until a year later, as Dec.

How old was Armando Manzanero when he died?

85 years (1935–2020)
Armando Manzanero / Age at death

Did Armando Manzanero have children?

Juan Pablo Manzanero
Armando Manzanero / Children

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Is Armando Manzanero still alive?

December 28, 2020
Armando Manzanero / Date of death

Why was Armando Manzanero important?

Over a 70-year career, Armando Manzanero was a globally renowned, award-winning composer, producer, singer, and actor. The Mayan musician is revered as Mexico’s premier composer of love songs and romantic orchestral themes.

What race is Luis Miguel?

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri (born 19 April 1970) is a Puerto Rican-born Mexican singer, often referred to as El Sol de México (The Sun of Mexico), which is the nickname his mother gave him as a child—”mi sol”.

Who wrote Contigo Aprendi?

The musician Armando Manzanero Canché is considered to be Mexico’s foremost romantic post-war composer. This popular love song is typical of his huge output of songs, which have been performed by singers around the world, and particularly throughout North and South America.

Who composed sa isang Sulyap Mo?

Sa Isang Sulyap Mo includes all-original tracks co-written by Myrus and the group’s manager Chris Cahilig and arranged by Jonathan Ong of SonicState Studio. “Sa Isang Sulyap” went on to become the official soundtrack of Pinoy Big Brother Teen Edition 4.

Who wrote Somos Novios?

Somos Novios/Composers

What is Contigo Si novela about?

Ángela is a nurse and medical student who lives in a town near the sea. She is seduced by Álvaro, an ambitious young man who visits the town on a business trip to build a hospital. They get married but then he leaves her and returns to Mexico City to get engaged and marries Samantha.

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