Is Alan Bennett Married?

Alan Bennett (born 9 May 1934) is an English actor, author, playwright and screenwriter.

Alan Bennett
Alma mater Exeter College, Oxford
Occupation Actor author playwright screenwriter
Years active 1960–present
Partner Rupert Thomas

Who is Alan Bennett partner?

Rupert Thomas
Alan Bennett / Partner

How old is Alan Bennett?

88 years (9 May 1934)
Alan Bennett / Age

How tall is Alan Bennett?

1.83 m
Alan Bennett / Height

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Did Alan Bennett go to Oxford?

Alan Bennett was born in 1934 in Leeds.

He studied at Exeter College, Oxford, then after a period of National Service, became a lecturer for a short time at Oxford University.

Why is Alan Bennett famous?

Alan Bennett, (born May 9, 1934, Leeds, Yorkshire, England), British playwright who was best known for The Madness of George III (1991) and The History Boys (2004).

How tall is Alan from Hangover?

According to our sources, Zach Galifianakis is 5’7″ or 170cm tall.

Does Alan Bennett have a knighthood?

In 1995, Bennett was nominated for an Academy Award for his adaptation of his own play “The Madness of King George.” He has declined a knighthood and an honorary doctorate from Oxford University.

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That’s because he is also the proprietor of Hooper’s Store on the much-loved “Sesame Street,” where he has been a cast member for 23 years. Muraoka married his husband, Herb Perry, in 2009.

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