Is Ali Zafar rich?

Ali Zafar Net Worth 2021

Ali Zafar’s revenue is $15.8K in 2021.

Is Atif Aslam rich?

The total estimated net worth of Atif Aslam is $22 Million USD which in Indian currency is about 160.00 Crore Indian Rupee (i.e. approx one hundred and forty Crore INR). Most of his earning come from Stage performances and brand endorsements; also he has put a lot of money on personal investments.

Why Ali Zafar is famous?

Zafar started his career as a music composer and gained popularity with his single “Channo” from his debut album Huqa Pani, which sold over five million copies worldwide. “Channo” turned out to be a huge success, topping many music charts and earned him several awards for Best Music Album and Artist.

Who is Ali Zafar wife?

Ayesha Fazli
Ali Zafar / Wife (m. 2009)

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Where is Ali Zafar house?

Ali Zafar has gifted a four-bedroom villa in Lahore , spread over 15,000 square feet, to his wife Ayesha. Mirror (February 24) had earlier reported that Ayesha had given birth to their daughter, Alyza, and the dream house is the actor’s return gift to his better half.

Where does Atif Aslam live?

Atif Aslam/Places lived

How did Ali Zafar meet Ayesha Fazli?

He used to work as a sketch artist in the lobby of a hotel and it is where he met Ayesha for the first time. Yes, they met in a hotel lobby!

Is Richa Chadha married?

Now as we all enjoy this window of respite we are finally celebrating with our families and friends and we are so very touched for all the love and blessings that are coming our way. We offer you nothing but our love. Thank you.” Ali Fazal and Richa Chadha shared pictures from wedding festivities on Tuesday.

How old is Shehzad Roy?

45 years (February 16, 1977)
Shehzad Roy / Age

Who is the best Ali Zafar and Atif Aslam?

Atif Aslam. He is the most finest performer and a handsome singer of Pakistani industry. He is best singer-songwriter and actor.

Who is the best singer of Pak?

List of Pakistani pop singers
  • Ahmed Rushdi.
  • Nazia Hassan.
  • Abrar-ul-Haq.
  • Atif Aslam.

Who is the best classical singer in Pakistan?

  • Classical Music Giants of Pakistan.
  • Amanat Ali Khan.
  • Ustad Bade Fateh Ali Khan.
  • Hamid Ali Khan.
  • Manzoor Ali Khan.
  • Rafaqat Ali Khan.
  • Shafqat Ali Khan.
  • Ali Sethi.