Is Andrea Elson married?

Scott Hopper
Andrea Elson / Spouse (m. 1993)

How old is Andrea Elson?

53 years (March 6, 1969)
Andrea Elson / Age

How tall is Andrea Elson?

1.67 m
Andrea Elson / Height

How old is Benji Gregory?

44 years (May 26, 1978)
Benji Gregory / Age

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Why was ALF cancelled?

‘ALF’ was canceled because of what it was about

Since the alien could only interact with members of his own family, there was a limited number of storylines that writers could create with that small cast of characters. “ALF could never go out,” creator Paul Fusco told People.

How old is Lynn in ALF?

She is first shown at age 14/15 and in the last episode she is 18/19. Lynn Tanner was the eldest child of the Tanner family and their only daughter. She was a shy girl whom ALF tried to make more extroverted.

Is Karen Elson British?

Karen Jill Elson (born 15 January 1979) is an English model and singer-songwriter.

Who was the daughter on ALF?

Andrea Hope Elson first realized her love for acting at age eleven when she played the lead in a

Who owns the ALF puppet?

Paul Fusco (born January 29, 1953) is an American puppeteer, actor, television producer, writer and director. He is best known as the puppeteer and voice of the title character on the sitcom ALF, for which he also served as creator, writer, producer, and director.

Paul Fusco
Spouse Linda Fusco ​ ( m. 1978)​
Children 1

How many stomachs did ALF have?

The character ALF has eight stomachs. Baby Eric was written into the series when Anne Schedeen became pregnant in real life. Producer Paul Fusco was the voice of ALF.

Who owns the rights to ALF?

Factory, Which Plans New Wave Of “Pop Culture Content” Tied To 1980s Sitcom.

Did ALF drink beer?

In the pilot episode “A.L.F.”, ALF is seen consuming a beer with Brian. Fusco defended the premise saying that “ALF is 285 years old, he can drink beer, he’s old enough.” However, as ALF became more popular with children, NBC told Fusco “you can’t have him drinking; the kids are watching, it’s a bad role model.”