Is Antonio Banderas related to Dakota Johnson?

Antonio Banderas and Dakota Johnson’s mom Melanie Griffith divorced in 2015 after nearly 20 years of marriage. Dakota Johnson had a special nickname for stepdad Antonio Banderas. “She called me ‘Paponio,’ ” Banderas, 62, told E! News.

What does Dakota Johnson call Antonio?

13 episode of E! News, including the adorable nickname Johnson dubbed him. “She called me ‘Paponio,” the 62-year-old told E! News’ Francesca Amiker. “I am ‘Papi’ and ‘Antonio’ altogether, so she always called me ‘Paponio. ‘”

Who is Dakota Johnson married to?

She has received various awards and nominations, including a People’s Choice Award, and nominations for a BAFTA Award and two MTV Movie & TV Awards. She was also featured in Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2016.

Dakota Johnson
Partner(s) Chris Martin (2017–present)
Parent(s) Don Johnson Melanie Griffith

Is Antonio Banderas in a relationship?

The Mask of Zorro star Antonio Banderas and his girlfriend, Nicole Kimpel, are still going strong after nearly a decade together! The couple seem more in love than ever and have shared sweet glimpses of their relationship with fans.

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Did Madonna sleep with Antonio Banderas?

Drama aside, nothing ever happened between Madonna and her co-star. “I wished,” Madge said of hooking up with Banderas. “I had a big crush on him,” she told Howard Stern in 2015, “[but] he was with Melanie Griffith. She never left his side.”

Why did Antonio and Melanie divorce?

“I think part of the reason my marriage to Antonio fell apart was because I was stuck,” she said in an interview with Porter magazine. “Nobody else is to blame. It’s just that I personally got stuck and I won’t let that happen again. I want to enjoy life, I want to do whatever I want to do.”

How long were Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson together?

1969–1979: Career beginnings and first marriage

(1969) and The Harrad Experiment (1973). While on the set of the latter film, 14-year-old Griffith met actor Don Johnson, then 22. The two began dating, and the relationship culminated in a six-month marriage from January to July 1976.

Who is Melanie Griffith partner now?

Melanie Griffith/Spouse

Who is Antonio Banderas wife?

Antonio Banderas/Wife

Who is Antonio Banderas current partner?

Antonio Banderas/Spouse

Are Antonio Banderas and Melanie Griffith still together?

Antonio Banderas was married to Dakota Johnson’s mother Melanie Griffith for 20 years before they ultimately split, but that doesn’t mean the stepfather and daughter’s bond has been severed. Antonio Banderas and Dakota Johnson are family forever.

Are Melanie Griffiths and Antonio Banderas together?

Banderas and Griffith are still notoriously supportive of each other, as the Mask of Zorro actor spoke about his ex in a 2019 interview with People: “Melanie is not my wife anymore, but I think she is my best friend. I love her and will love her until the day I die. She’s my family.”