Is April from the ultimatum an Aries?

While on The Ultimatum April was only 23 years-old. She’s now age 24, but will be turning 25 on April 23rd. That makes April’s astrological sign a Taurus.

What sign is Uniqua from the ultimatum?

Shanique, otherwise known as Nikki, is 24 years old and Jamaican. After searching all over her Instagram page, I was able to find out about her birthday. Her birthday is May 19, making her zodiac sign a Taurus.

Is April from The Ultimatum a Leo?

Jake Cunningham (Gemini) and April Melohn (Taurus)

What is Colby from The Ultimatum birthday?

The baby is due on May 10—which is Colby’s birthday—and the couple got married on May 11 last year.

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Who did Colby kiss?

April Marie and Colby Kissinger paired up in a trial marriage during season one of Netflix’s The Ultimatum.

Did Colby and April hook up?

After a fan asked, “Did you and Colby hook up?” during a Q&a on Instagram Stories, April replied: “Never!” “Moving from California and having no friends in Texas, Colby was like the first true friend I made in [Austin],” she said, “Thanks to him I explored the city more than I ever had during Covid year and decided to

Is Colby from ultimatum a narcissist?

Colby – the season’s most narcissistic character who issued an ultimatum to Madlyn – got his happy ending by proposing and marrying Madlyn on the same day.

How old is Colby on The Ultimatum?

Ages: Madelyn is 24 and Colby is 25.

Who is Colby From ultimatum?

Colby Kissinger is one of the contestants on Netflix’s new reality dating show The Ultimatum: Marry or Move On, co-hosted by Vanessa and Nick Lachey. Colby is starting the show with his girlfriend of 1 1/2 years, Madlyn Riley Ballatori.

Is April pregnant in The Ultimatum?

As much as April wants a child, she ends up not pregnant. In episode 8, she gives Jake a pregnancy test box and tells him that her period started. She says her cycle was probably late because of stress.

Is Colby from ultimatum a cowboy?

‘The Ultimatum’s’ Colby Kissinger Is A True Texas Cowboy & You Can Spot Him At This Bar.

Did Colby cheat madly?

During her trial marriage with Randall Griffin, Madlyn repeatedly expressed throughout the episodes that she was not sure Colby was the right fit for her. Meanwhile, Colby had an off-camera affair with a woman he met in a club. In episode eight, the pair had a disagreement when Colby refused to apologize for his fling.