Is Ariana DeBose wife?

DeBose is in a relationship with costume designer and professor Sue Makkoo. The pair met while working on Summer: The Donna Summer Musical in 2017.

How old is Ariana DeBose?

31 years (January 25, 1991)
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Who Is Ariana DeBose Jill Johnson?

Who Else Has Debose Dated? Before Makkoo, DeBose dated Jill Johnson, a Broadway props master who has worked on shows like Motown and If/Then. The crew member seems to be keeping a low profile, so not much is known about her career and personal life.

Is Ariana DeBose the bullet?

Ariana DeBose is an ensemble member of the Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton and had been with the cast since the Off-Broadway Production. She plays the Bullet, which represents death. She stayed with the cast until July 9th, 2016, departing at the same time as Lin-Manuel Miranda, Leslie Odom, Jr.

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What is Ariana DeBose famous for?

Ariana DeBose is a Tony-nominated actress and 2021 Forbes 30 under 30 honoree known for her varying roles on stage as well as on screen. DeBose is perhaps best known for her role as “Disco Donna” in Summer: The Donna Summer Musical, which earned her a 2018 Tony Award nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

Was Ariana DeBose an understudy?

A decade ago, Ariana DeBose made her Broadway debut as an understudy in the musical adaptation of “Bring It On.” This weekend she’s hosting the Tony Awards. DeBose’s rise to prominence, due in large part to her Oscar-winning performance in Steven Spielberg’s movie remake of “West Side Story,” has been hard-won.

Did Ariana DeBose win the Oscar?

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Who got best supporting actress?

Ariana DeBose wins Oscar for best supporting actress, making history : NPR. Ariana DeBose wins Oscar for best supporting actress, making history DeBose is the first openly queer woman of color to win an Oscar for her acting.

Is Ariana DeBose in Westworld?

DeBose plays Evan Rachel Wood’s party-loving roommate Maya. At first, Maya seems like the platonic ideal of a “cool roommate” for Wood’s Christina. She asks for advice on shoes and sets up dates for Christina. However, but the end of the Westworld Season 4 premiere, Maya had left a really bad taste in my mouth.

Who is hosting the Tony Awards 2022?

Ariana DeBose
75th Tony Awards / Host

Who won best actress 2022 Tonys?

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Who is the woman hosting the Tony awards?

Follow our live updates of the 2022 Tony Awards nominations. Ariana DeBose will host this year’s Tony Awards.