Is Arlene Golonka still alive?

Arlene Golonka / Date of death

How old was Arlene Golonka?

85 years (1936–2021)
Arlene Golonka / Age at death

Is Arlene Golonka married?

Arlene Golonka/Spouse

Who did Millie marry on The Andy Griffith Show?

Howard and Millie decide to get married.

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Is Helen Crump still alive?

Aneta Louise Corsaut (November 3, 1933 – November 6, 1995) was an American actress and writer. She is best known for playing Helen Crump on The Andy Griffith Show (1963–1968), Judge Cynthia Justin on Matlock (1991–1992), and Jane in The Blob (1958). Hutchinson, Kansas, U.S. Studio City, Los Angeles, California, U.S.

Did Andy ever marry Thelma Lou?

Thelma Lou, or Thel by boyfriend Barney Fife, is a character on the American television sitcom The Andy Griffith Show (1960-1968).

Thelma Lou
Spouse Gerald Whitfield (1965-1966) Barney Fife (1986-?)
Significant other Barney Fife (boyfriend) (1961-1965)
Children None

Why is Opie’s mom not mentioned on Andy Griffith Show?

Knotts, already bound by his contract with Universal, left the show. They never mention what happened to Opie’s mother. Opie was said to be just “a speck of a boy” when she died. Her first name is never given, her picture is never shown in Andy’s house, nor anywhere else, and her grave is never shown.

Did Barney Fife ever have children?

Jesse Donald Knotts (July 21, 1924 – February 24, 2006) was an American actor and comedian. He is widely known for his role as Deputy Sheriff Barney Fife on The Andy Griffith Show, a 1960s sitcom for which he earned five Emmy Awards.

Don Knotts
Children 2, including Karen Knotts

Who does Andy Griffith end up with?

The producers created a long-term love interest in school teacher, Helen Crump. Helen made her first appearance in the third season and remained Andy’s love interest throughout the rest of the series. The two were eventually married in the first Mayberry RFD episode in 1968.

Does Andy Griffith ever marry Helen Crump?

In the first episode of The Andy Griffith Show spinoff, Mayberry R.F.D., Andy and Helen marry. Other characters from The Andy Griffith Show make guest appearances in the episode.

Who was Charlene Darling Baby?

Charlene later has a baby daughter named “Andelina“, whom she tried to betroth to Andy’s son Opie, as was customary in her family.

Did Andy Griffith and Helen have a baby?

Andy and Helen return to Mayberry for a visit and bring their new baby, Andy Jr. with them.