Is Austin McBroom a billionaire?

Per Celebrity Net Worth, Austin McBroom’s net worth is $2 million.

What race is Austin and Catherine?

Austin McBroom’s wife, Catherine Paiz, is of Panamanian ethnicity. However, the fitness model herself was born in Montreal, Canada, on August 24,1990. Born Dolores Catherine Johnston Paiz, Paiz grew up with parents who lived separately.

What is Austin from Ace Family ethnicity?

According to his mother (who is black), Austin comes from black, white, Mexican, and Puerto Rican ethnicities. Austin McBroom attended Campbell Hall School. After high school, he joined Saint Louis University and played college basketball for Eastern Washington University and Central Michigan University.

What is the Ace family scandal?

The ACE Family, a channel run by Austin and Catherine McBroom, has faced numerous legal challenges. A cosmetics company sued Catherine. Austin and one of his companies were sued after a boxing event. They recently faced criticism over a festival that attendees said was “disappointing.”

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Why The ACE Family is Cancelled?

They explained that while they loved YouTube, they felt like they needed to travel and spend more time with their family. So, they decided to take a much-needed retirement from the platform, which they had originally planned a year ago but had to postpone for various reasons.

What did Shyla say about Austin?

Shyla went on to post some serious allegations about Austin and his family— calling Austin a cheater, saying that the family is broke, and claiming that Austin and his wife, Catherine McBroom, had their third baby through IVF so they could ensure it was a boy.

What did Shyla say about Ace family?

It’s scary how far people will take it to keep me silent”: Shyla walker accuses ACE Family of putting her daughter’s pictures on social media without her consent. Soon after, Shyla accused her ex-partner, Landon McBroom, of taking their daughter to Disneyland without informing her.

Is the ACE family losing their home?

After months of denying the reports, YouTube’s endlessly controversial ACE Family — comprised of married super-influencers Austin McBroom and Catherine McBroom (née Dolores Paiz), plus their three young children — finally admitted to losing their California mega-mansion to the hungry jaws of foreclosure.

How does the ACE family have so much money?

The ACE family is set for life based on their YouTube channel. And they didn’t inherit the money – neither was born into wealth. The family earned its money through YouTube ad revenue, merchandise sales, and sponsorship money, a common path for YouTube’s creator community.

Why are they called the Ace family?

While their original YouTube channel was called Catherine and Austin Vlogs, they quickly changed to ACE once Elle was born (ACE stands for Austin, Catherine, Elle).

Is The ACE Family in debt?

Their current debt is $9.3M. The ACE Family has a long history of alleged financial woes.

How rich is Austin McBroom?

McBroom owns his family’s YouTube channel ‘The Ace Family’ which is one of the most popular YouTube channels right now. He posts videos on his own family life. The Ace Family has a total of 19 million subscribers right now. As of October 2022, Austin McBroom’s net worth is estimated to be roughly $2 Million.