Is Behati Prinsloo still an angel?

She’s a Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Prinsloo, 30, is one of the stars of the lingerie brand, along with other models like Elsa Hosk, Josephine Skriver, and Sara Sampaio.

How did behati and Adam meet?

2012: Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo are introduced over email. Prinsloo and Levine first met in 2012 through a mutual friend over email. In a 2019 cover story for Net-a-Porter, the Victoria’s Secret model reflected on her first encounter with her future husband.

How tall is Adam Levine?

1.82 m
Adam Levine / Height

How old is Behati Prinsloo?

34 years (May 16, 1988)
Behati Prinsloo / Age

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What nationality is behati?

Behati Prinsloo / Nationality

How do you pronounce behati?

What does the name behati mean?

The name Behati is girl’s name of African origin meaning “blessed; she who brings happiness“.

What type of name is behati?

Meaning of Behati: Name Behati in the African origin, means Afrikaans form of Beata, Blessing. Name Behati is of African origin and is a Girl name. People with name Behati are usually Christianity by religion.

How do the British say Brianna?

What is short for Brianna?

Bri and Bria are common nicknames and/or derivative names.

Is Brianna a unisex name?

Brianna is a girl’s name of Irish origin, meaning “high,” “noble,” and “exalted.” This name is a derivation of Briana, the feminine version of Brian.

What is a nickname for Brianna?

Nicknames: Anna, Bree, Bri, Nana, Ree, Ri. Variations: Breanna, Briana, Brianne, Bryana, Bryanna, Bryanne.