Is Brendan Lemieux related to Claude Lemieux?

Early life. Lemieux was born on March 15, 1996, in Denver, Colorado, where his father Claude was playing with the Colorado Avalanche of the National Hockey League (NHL), and was named after his father’s former teammate with the New Jersey Devils, Brendan Shanahan.

Who is Claude Lemieux son?

Claude Lemieux/Sons

Who is Mario Lemieux’s son?

Austin Nicholas Lemieux
Mario Lemieux / Son

Who is Mario Lemieux family?

Mario Lemieux/Family

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How many Lemieux brothers are there?

Lemieux is the older brother of former NHL forward Jocelyn Lemieux. Lemieux has another brother, Serge, who was diagnosed with cerebral palsy. Despite his surname, he is not related to hockey great Mario Lemieux. Lemieux has four children between two marriages: three sons and a daughter.

Why did Mario Lemieux wear 66?

It was inevitable that Lemieux would be compared with Wayne Gretzky, the greatest player of his day. Lemieux chose to wear number 66, a modest reference to Gretzky’s 99.

Does Mario Lemieux have any kids?

Mario Lemieux/Children

Does Mario Lemieux have a daughter?

Mario Lemieux/Daughters

Is Shane Lemieux related to Mario Lemieux?

66. Shane Lemieux, the fifth round pick of the New York Giants in the 2020 NFL Draft, will be wearing the same number Hockey Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux made famous with the Pittsburgh Penguins. The two men are not related.

Is Mario Lemieux married?

Mario Lemieux married Nathalie Asselin on June 26, 1993. They have four children: Lauren (born April 1993), Stephanie (born 1995), Austin Nicholas (born 1996), and Alexa (born 1997).

When did Lemieux come out?

— Mario Lemieux became the first owner-player on his own team in National Hockey League history when he announced his return to the game on Dec. 11, 2000.

How much did Mario Lemieux pay Penguins?

Lemieux purchased the team with Ron Burkle for $107 million, charting a course to pay off the team’s debt of $114 million. Lemieux and Burkle nearly cashed out for $175 million in 2006 in a deal with businessman Jim Balsillie, but he walked away when the Penguins missed out on being awarded a casino license.