Is Cassia and Jason still together?

Cassia graduated from the University of South Florida in 2020, and got married to her Italian personal trainer in February 2021. Sadly, Jason passed away in December 2021 following Covid-19 complications. He was 45.

Where is Cassia now?

Cassia moved back to Brazil for a while but returned to America to attend school. Now, Cassia is in a great place, as she recently graduated from the University of South Florida and is currently dating an Italian man.

Who did Cassia marry?

Congratulations are in order for 90 Day Fiance Season 2 star Cassia Tavares! A little more than two years after her divorce from co-star Jason Hitch was finalized, Cassia has tied the knot again — this time with her Italian beau Giuseppe!

Why did Jason divorce Cassia?

He blamed the end of their marriage on “lack of communication”, as reported by Radar Online. They were reportedly still living together shortly after the divorce was finalized.

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Are Michael and Angela still together?

In December 2021, Angela celebrated her birthday in Las Vegas with several of her 90 Day Fiancé franchise costars. While in Sin City, Angela was spotted by fans and one of them shared details about what she told them during a conversation. “Her and Michael are still together and waiting on his visa.

Are Tarik and Hazel together?

Tarik announced in December 2021 that he and the reality starlet split after 18 months of marriage. “Hazel does not live with me anymore.

Is Yara in Ukraine?

Yara moved from Ukraine to New Orleans to be with Jovi, but she has been itching to go back to her home country, especially due to the current crisis.

What did Angela’s daughter do?

Angela Deem/Daughters

Is Angela’s daughter Skyla in jail?

Skyla and Barry, who is currently incarcerated, share five children together, who fans have seen on the hit TLC show. According to Georgia law, legitimation is the only legal action a father of a child born out of wedlock in the State of Georgia may take to establish legal rights to his child.

Do all of Angela’s grandkids belong to Skyla?

Six of Angela’s grandkids belong to Skyla, and the other three are Scottie’s.

What does Elizabeth and Andrei do for a living?

Despite Elizabeth’s father having a real estate firm, Andrei initially chose not to work in the family business. In 2021, the report adds that Andrei worked for Smart Realty of Channelside, LLC, which operates as Keller Williams Realty Tampa Central. However, Andrei now works full-time for Chuck, Elizabeth’s dad.

What does Kenny and Armando do for a living?

He previously said he was an architect and entrepreneur in his Instagram bio. His store is called The Pet Resort & Spa, where he has done boarding, grooming, and daycare for the last five years with his sister. Armando’s family business is his main income, but he also does graphic designing.