Is Chanel Ayan rich?

As well as being a larger-than-life reality TV star, who, according to Andy Cohen, goes to the store in ball gowns, Chanel runs a successful talent agency. Meaww reports that Chanel’s net worth is estimated at $1M in 2022.

How much is Chanel ion worth?


Originally from Kenya, Chanel Ayan has spent much of her adult life as a model, and she’s found incredible success in the competitive industry.

How did Chanel Ayan meet her husband?

As fans may recall, Ayan had revealed some details about how the romance with her husband, Chris, came about during the June 8 episode of RHODubai, saying, “My sister introduced me to him,” later adding, “He wanted to dance with me because I’m a f–king great dancer, I can move, man. So, he liked my dance moves.”

Where is Chanel Ayan from?

Malaba, Kenya
Chanel Ayan / Place of birth

Malaba, Kenya is a town in Teso North Sub-County, Busia County, on Kenya’s western border with Uganda. It sits across the Malaba River, which forms the international border from Malaba, Uganda.


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Is Chanel Ayan a successful model?

Chanel Ayan is the breakout star of “The Real Housewives of Dubai.” Ayan is a notable model who now runs an agency.

What does Chanel Ayan do for work?

Chanel Ayan is a Kenyan-born, Somali and Ethiopian supermodel and businesswoman taking Dubai by storm.

How many languages does Chanel Ayan speak?

Chanel first spoke in Swahili, then Somalian, and Ugandan before finishing in English.

How old is Ayan from Dubai?

Chanel Ayan is 43 years old, and until the first episode of The Real Housewives of Dubai, the internet was unsure of who her husband was.

Who is the richest Rhodubai?

Caroline Stanbury — $30 million

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Caroline Stanbury has an estimated net worth of $30 million, making her by far the richest of the Dubai housewives.

Where did Lesa Milan grow up?

Lesa Milan has lived in Dubai for the past eight years but is originally from Jamaica. She grew up in Miami, Florida, and attended Florida Atlantic University, where she majored in journalism and minored in fashion.

What does Lesa Milan husband do?

All about Lesa Milan’s husband Richal Hall’s occupation and their relationship timeline. 41-year-old Richard Hall is an expert in all areas of investment and financial services.

How old is Lesa?

33 years (March 23, 1989)
Lesa Milan / Age