Is Clayton and Rachel still together?

November 2021: Clayton Echard breaks up with Gabby Windey and Rachel Recchia.

Was Rachel Recchia on The Bachelor?

Rachel Joanne Recchia was a contestant on the 26th season of The Bachelor. She was the runner-up. On March 15, 2022, she and Gabby Windey were announced as joint Bachelorettes for season 19 of The Bachelorette.

Why was Rachel hoarse on The Bachelor?

Per Distractify, Rachel explained in an Instagram Story that she had been sick that week, which resulted in the loss of her voice. With that said, Rachel reiterated she didn’t have COVID-19. Otherwise, she probably lost her voice due to the long trip from Vienna to Florida in such a short period of time.

Is Rachel Recchia engaged?

Tino Franco!!

But according to Steve, the energy between Rachel and Tino dramatically shifted, and ultimately, she ended their relationship. Here’s how Steve put it: “Rachel broke up with Tino and they are no longer engaged.

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Did Rachel and Tino break up?

In studio, Rachel confirmed that she and Tino had struggled after the show. She explained that things had started strong, but the growing pains of reliving life on-screen proved too much. The two had never broken up or taken a break, but Tino confessed that he had kissed another woman during their relationship.

How did Tino cheat on Rachel?

The pair split after Tino kissed another woman while Rachel was going through a difficult time. Tino made the infidelity confession during the breakup conversation, which was filmed by The Bachelorette crew. “I messed up,” he said. “I kissed another girl, but the second I did, I knew I belonged with you.”

Is Rachel with Aven now?

Not officially. Rachel is being pretty tight-lipped over the status of their relationship, other than casually saying they are just going to see where it goes. She did say she was ready to date again although she doubts she will be making another round on the Bachelorette track.

Who does Rachel end up with 2022?

Rachel’s Bachelorette 2022 winner is Tino Franco, a 27-year-old general contractor from Playa del Ray, California. Rachel and Tino are also engaged.

Are Gabby and Erich still engaged?

If you’ve been rooting for Gabby and Erich, we have good news for you! According to sources, Gabby and Erich are indeed still together as of September 2022 and are going strong following their time on The Bachelorette.

Does Rachel pick Aven?

Who Does Bachelorette Rachel Recchia Pick? Rachel’s final two contestants are Aven Jones and Tino Franco, according to Reality Steve. In the end, her final rose goes to Tino, and they reportedly get engaged on camera.

Where is Aven now?

Aven is a 28-year-old from Beverly, Massachusetts, who currently lives in San Diego, California. His Instagram handle is @aleejonesy. “sacrifice for the life you choose,” his bio reads. He is Rachel’s contestant on The Bachelorette season 19.

Why did Rachel and Zach break up?

The Bachelorette duo agreed that it wasn’t working for them anymore and that they were at different phases in life. After Zach left, Rachel chose Tino and Aven as her final two. She also explained that she didn’t encourage anyone questioning her character, implying that Zach had done exactly that.