Is Helene Fischer married to Thomas Seitel?

Helene Fischer is in the middle of rehearsals for her Arena Tour 2023. She will probably not be supported on stage by her husband, the acrobat Thomas Seitel, like last year. He has hardly been seen in public since the relationship became known.

Does Helene Fischer have a child?

Since then, she has taken care of her little daughter, who is supposed to be called Nala, and is letting her career wait for the time being. Video recordings published by “RTL” show Helene Fischer on a trip with her little one to Lake Ammer in Bavaria, very close to her home.

Who is Helene Fischer partner?

It was a duet with the singer Florian Silbereisen. The two later became a couple. She has won 17 Echo awards, the “Goldene Henne” award seven times, and the “Krone der Volksmusik” prize four times.

When did Helene Fischer get married?

May 2008
Helene Fischer / Marry date

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How tall is Helen Fischer?

1.58 m
Helene Fischer / Height

How old is Helen Fischer?

38 years (August 5, 1984)
Helene Fischer / Age

Why did Helen Fisher fall in love?

Why is Helene Fischer so famous?

Helene Fischer (born 5 August 1984) is a Russian born German singer and entertainer. Since her debut in 2005 she has won numerous awards, including 17 Echo awards, 4 “Die Krone der Volksmusik” awards and 3 Bambi awards. According to record certifications she has sold at least 15,000,000 albums (As of 11/18).

Where is Lisa Fischer now?

that’s something from Tina Turner’s tour that was a gift from her.” Lisa lives in Union City, New Jersey, which isn’t far from the Brooklyn apartment building where she grew up.

Who is Helene to Louis Tomlinson?

Helene is Louis vocal coach, chief motivator and is the one who helps Louis to get the best out of his voice so that he sounds amazing on stage. “Helene’s techniques as a vocal coach are a breath of fresh air.

Where does Helene Fischer live?

Helene Fischer/Places lived

What is Helene Fischer doing now?

Helene Fischer is currently touring across 3 countries and has 70 upcoming concerts.