Is Imani on The Chi really a man?

Born a male, Imani has always identified as a woman since a young age. An ordeal that her father didn’t receive well. In fact, when Imani was 16, her father tried to kill her with a knife after catching her in drag.

Who is Trigs girl on The Chi?

Played by Jasmine Davis

Trig’s loving girlfriend Imani is ride-or-die for her man, but will stand up to him when she feels he is wrong.

Is Fatima a man?

Now with that said, Fatima has addressed her concerns with Trig about his dance into politics. She first approached him to gauge whether he had an issue with her being a transwoman. He pretty much told her he likes women, she’s a woman, so he didn’t see the problem.

Is Trig and Reg the same person on The Chi?

Trig grew up on the south side of Chicago, 63rd and Yates, with his younger brothers, Reg and Jake.

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Who plays Emmett’s girlfriend on The Chi?

Jerrika Played by Tiffany Boone – The Chi | SHOWTIME.

Who is the new cast member on The Chi?

According to Showtime, the Netflix’s ‘Dear White People’ spinoff series star Nia Jervier, who is best known for her performance as Kelsey Phillips, is going to be seen essaying the role of Tierra who is, “the poised, polished and driven god-niece of Douda (Curtiss Cook), whom he recruits for a rebranding effort.

Who is douda to Jake?

Douda started a war with his on-screen nemesis — Trig (played by Luke James) — the day he murdered his brother, Reg. Douda then took custody of Reg and Trig’s youngest sibling, Jake. He later relinquished his rights as Jake’s adopted father, however, his beef with Trig didn’t end there.

Who is Rose on The Chi?

Kandi Burruss: Roselyn Perry.

Is Keisha and Kevin siblings?

Kevin’s older sister is a high school track star who, like any normal teenager testing independence, frequently finds herself with her over-protective mom. Kiesha and Kevin are close and she definitely has his back, and vice versa.

Who is Trig girlfriend on The Chi season 3?

Trig’s loving girlfriend Imani is ride-or-die for her man, but will stand up to him when she feels he is wrong. She has a good heart and is happy to help people who need it, including aiding Trig in getting custody of Jake.

Who is Jake girlfriend on The Chi?

During The Chi Season 5 Episode 4, Jemma seemingly discovered she was pregnant shortly after walking out of the SATs. Although her actor Judae’a Brown didn’t name the situation, she hinted that a “life challenge,” presumably the pregnancy, will bond Jemma and her boyfriend Jake during season 5.

Who does Jake get pregnant in The Chi?

Jemma is pregnant, and now this puts the two were they are forced into making some big decisions at an extremely young age. The synopsis mentions that the two “confront the truth,” and that means having a lot of discussions about what the future could be.