Is James Caan’s son in Hawaii Five O?

James Caan/Sons

Who are James Caans children?

James Caan/Children

Why is James Caan in a wheelchair?

James’ legs looked thin and weak as he struggled to hold himself up. He reportedly had a back operation last year as well, and had to spend time in a wheelchair after surgery. On Thursday, his family shared the sad news via Twitter.

Does Scott Caan have a child?

Josie James Caan
Scott Caan / Children

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How many of James Caan’s kids are actors?

American actor James Caan, who is best known for starring in The Godfather and Elf, has sadly died this week aged 82.

Why does Danny miss so many episodes?

As Screen Rant noted, Danny appeared in five fewer episodes than Steve. But Caan saw less screen time from Hawaii Five-0 because he requested it. The actor still lived in L.A. while filming Hawaii Five-0 and, as a result, he wanted more time to be back home with his family.

Who is Scott Caan daughter?

Caan has a black belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu. In 2014, it was announced that Caan and his girlfriend, Kacy Byxbee, were expecting their first child; in July of that year their daughter, Josie James, was born.

How old are James Caans kids?

His most recent marriage was to Linda Stokes, which lasted from 1995 to 2017. They welcomed two sons into the world together: James Arthur, 26, and Jacob Nicolas, 23. Read on to learn more about the famous actor’s kids and what they do today.

Does Alex O’Loughlin have a child?

Alex O’Loughlin/Children

What is Scott Caan doing after Hawaii Five O?

After ten years of portraying Danno Williams in the Aloha State, Caan took a step back from the small screen to write, produce, and star in the upcoming crime drama One Day as a Lion, and it was announced last September that he would return to CBS for the drama Topangaland.

Does Danny end up with Rachel?

It is not known what happened between them, but Danny and Rachel ended up having a divorce.

Do James and Scott Caan get along?

“Now,” James, who shared Scott with ex-wife Sheila, said at the time, “we’re really best buddies. I’m proud that he’s grown up so well.” Scott added to PEOPLE that he had “no resentment” toward his dad. “He made mistakes that affected him — and me — but he’s always been there for me no matter what.”